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April 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Krystal, Chuckles, Maurice and Ayoub Talha

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Krystal, Chuckles, Maurice and Ayoub Talha


Life couldn’t get any better for Chuckles. He was adopted by Krystal Talha who owns and runs the Three Dog Bakery franchises in town.

So every day is a doggie dream for Chuckles and his younger brother Maurice. These two pampered pooches get to taste test treats, greet and play with dogs who are shopping, explore new toys, beds and merchandise, and of course utilize the SPAW services. “These two hams love to be with us,” says Krystal, “they are definitely full-fledged family members. They even work for the family business!” Ayoub agrees, “After a full day at work they come home to couches and cuddling.” They’re not the only family members working hard. Krystal is the Chair of this month’s Black Tie and Tails Gala to benefit the Nebraska Humane Society. “We’ve added a patron party and an after -party this year, along with some surprises to keep the evening fun,” explains Krystal, “but the best part will be helping the little guys like Chuckles and Maurice.”

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