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August 2010: Vibrations

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Mighty Mouse used to sing: “Here I come to save the day……….” And that’s what we should all be singing this August. The Cardinal Square of Pluto (transformation) to Uranus (explosive) and Saturn (responsibility) is making all uncomfortable with their status quo. This is an action oriented month, do not sit idly by and let your life stay in old stuck patterns anymore. Mars and Venus are traveling pretty close together and that means romance for many and a highlight of relationships for all. While Uranus (inspiration) and Jupiter (expansion) continue to dance there will be many breakthrough discoveries in personal and global venues. This month many of the Big Kahuna planets are in retrograde creating a need to vent power. This will get you just what you need to forge new plans and take action in surprising ways. There will still be much to contend with and great friction that will force you to seek more fulfilling paths. Lots of doors slamming and lots of doors opening, almost simultaneously! You can handle it if you stay in the moment and out of the PAST!! Mercury goes retrograde on the 19th till September 13th, and even though this is such an action month, the brakes will screech at times so that you continue to clear and get rid of the deadfall!




Venus and Mars traveling together thru your relationship house will ease many problems you have been having, although Saturn (stern foundations) is watching all of your relationships, just behave and you’ll do fine. The New Moon on the 19th in your house of fun will help you dream up new ways for that. The Full Moon on the 24th is sure to bring up something from the past.


A strong month for you. Time for good times in and out of the workplace. By months end look for the possibility of someone new entering your life. The Full Moon on the 24th will bring an emotional confrontation with a friend, someone may be deceiving you. The big Cardinal Square from Pluto to Uranus and Saturn is changing your mind and changing you in big ways.


The friction for you this month will be in your need to relax and little and enjoy as opposed to highlighting your career and then of course there is that great push to die to the old and be reborn to something new, you just aren’t sure what yet. I would definitely take a vacation. Even just going away overnight and playing somewhere, you need it for the coming energies of this fall.


Things may calm down a little for you after June and July’s big eclipses. Nice month to stay home and snuggle with loved ones. These Squares are hitting you in your subconscious, relationships & career and the changes have been a little intense. During the New Moon on the 9th dream about what you like to do that you haven’t made the time for and by months end a nice surprise awaits you.


Be re-born this month. The New Moon in Leo on the 9th can bring you positive, long awaited changes in your physical body. The Cardinal Square is hitting you hard in the 3rd (ego), 6th (health/work) and 9th (philosophy/real estate) Houses. These areas are calling for complete transformation and it isn’t very comfortable. You’ll survive.


Mercury retrograde hits you in your most intimate home-your body/personality. Now is the time to take time for you. Lose or gain weight, what do you need? Have you been a little overboard lately? Calm it down. The Square is re-defining how you see your talents, how you have fun and relate to kids and how it is time to die to the old you and be reborn into a much higher you. Your talents are begging for space in your life, get out the paints and brushes!


Love is in the air for you, what do you really want to do with that? People will be very attracted to you all month thanks to Venus and Mars. Your big challenges are your relationship to your body, to others and to your psychological make up. Internal and external “home” issues await your focus. The Mercury retrograde calls you to do some deep depth dwelling in seeing who you really are now that the past is over.


You may be deciding if some friends are going to stay in your life or if you need to branch out and find a few new ones that suit the new you better. The New Moon on the 9th lands in your career sector. If you want something new in that area you will have to plant a few seeds. Your work and health will be a little chaotic but great potential for healing old illnesses.


Dig deeper into the well of your special creativity and talents, Pluto is in there helping you. With the Square agitating your desire to break free and be your own special and unique being, you may feel a little edgy. Saturn demands that your friends be loyal and supportive or they need to go.


Strong cardinal energy for you and it is creating opportunity for you to be and have what you truly want. Or better yet, what God has in mind for you. All eyes are on you now and they are looking for a leader, can you step up to that plate? Look for some intense experiences on the 9th when the New Moon hits your house of death/rebirth.


12th house (karma/undoing), 3rd House (communications) and 9th House (World travel/philosophy) are pulling you open to be a bigger and better human being. Let go of control and get into the flow-stop swimming against the current. Relax during the mercury retrograde and unload old patterns that don’t work anymore.


Dear Pisces, the Full Moon will be conjunct Lilith on the 24th. This may be a little hard to control. Stay away from altered states unless through meditation. The Cardinal Square hits you hard in 3 money houses, get a budget going quick and ground that energy. The mercury retrograde will cause you to spend some time with your committed relationships and see if there is a better way to do it. Plan and re-think.

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