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August 2010 YP Connections: Organization Profile

oppd young professionals group

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The Omaha Public Power District Young Professionals Group (OPPD YPG) provides opportunities for professional, philanthropic, and network development to its members. OPPD employees of the next generation representing diverse backgrounds and professions make up the organization. Employees who work for the District in the field, in its power plants, offices and elsewhere actively participate.



Community involvement has always been important to OPPD and provides a great way to extend networks for young professionals. The OPPD YPG intends to continue that tradition and encourages its members to get involved. The OPPD YPG has participated in “build” days for Habitat for Humanity and maintains a strong tie with the Habitat for Humanity YP group. Through Rebuilding Together, the OPPD YPG helped a family make needed repairs to its home. Also, two of OPPD YPG members are currently organizing a day of the upcoming Omaha Diversity Week.

The OPPD YPG plays an important role in attracting future workers to OPPD and retaining talented young individuals already on staff. The YPG creates programs that cater to employees just beginning their careers and helps to develop exciting work communities.

Contact: Kevin Fustos



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