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August 2010 YP Connections: Q&A

How would you spend $100 in Omaha?

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.



 Nikola Jordan

Mayor’s Office • City of Omaha

Amsterdam at 50th & Underwood for falafels for lunch. Go to Be Yourself boutique at 78th & Cass for some cute, unique earrings & maybe a shirt. Then, Upstream downtown or Sakura Bana at 72nd & Dodge for dinner. Finally, down to Ted & Wally’s downtown for homemade ice cream! Because...they’re all locally owned & have great products!



Brian Smith


Since I also run a farm, much of my focus is on food and supporting local businesses. I’d head to Village Pointe Farmers Market to score a grass-finished beef fillet from Pawnee Pride Meats, get some tasty Belgian and Flemish ales from Beertopia in Midtown, and round it out with ice cream or sorbetto from eCreamery in Dundee. I’d fire up the grill with some hardwood charcoal and relax with my family on the farm.



Katie Vap

Controller • City of Omaha

If I had a hundred dollars, I would take a shopping spree at Roots and Wings at their new location in Countryside Village on 88th and Pacific. I would save some money for the next All About Omaha social and buy my friends a round of Budweisers (go to this webpage at http://www.allaboutomaha.org/ for the next event.) After the shopping spree and round of Buds, I would buy a subscription to metroMagazine as a gift to a friend (since I already have one). Ha! I am always good at going over my budget!




Erin Storey

Marketing Coordinator • Baird Holm LLP

If I had $100 to spend in Omaha, I would treat my best friend to a fun day. We would start the day with a white mocha from Scooter’s, followed by a day at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. We would grab a cheeseburger at Stella’s before going to a Royal’s game. The evening would end on my deck, with a nice bottle of wine from the Corkscrew.





Kara O’connor

Private Banking, a.v.p • Wells Fargo Bank

I love supporting Omaha’s local businesses. Each local business has its own quality about them. They are just as unique as the owners. Over the weekend I would take my family (husband and triplet boys) for dinner at the Pizza Shoppe in Benson, maybe see a local artist play. Also, in the last two weeks I have become a member at Smith and Esch gym. I have fallen in love with the place. It is a life changing experience so I would put the rest towards my membership there… After the pizza and all!



Molly Kresha

 yp member • Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce

Starting my day out with a cup of coffee and a muffin and checking out the awesome photo albums at Beyond Ireland would definitely kick off an amazing day! After breakfast, I would head to the passageway downtown to check out the amazing Nebraska artists and to buy some “rock soap.” In the afternoon I would head out to Francesca’s at Village Point to buy a fun pair of earrings and maybe a dress. Finally, I would grab a bottle of Nebraska Edelweiss wine at Hy-Vee before kicking back on my deck with some friends. Oh what a day!

-end- metroMAGAZINE




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