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December 2009 metroSPIRIT: A Holiday Gift To Consider For Yourself

Healthful And Joyful Celebrations

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There are any number of ways to celebrate the holiday season, but in my mind they all still basically fall into one of two styles. We all may wish to give some consideration to which of these two styles really serves us best in terms of bringing us the fulfillment we hope to experience during our seasonal celebrations.



Holiday Celebration Style 1:
“Big Exuberant Unrestrained Blow-Out”

Having started the holiday season with a gluttonous Thanksgiving meal and a mad shopping spree the day after, continue to celebrate by continuous shopping. Attend as many holiday parties as possible.  Max out your credit cards buying lots of stuff for people who don’t need anything.  Eat and drink a lot at each party so that the hosts and hostesses will feel appreciated for their efforts. Plan extravagant holiday meals and do your best to gain five pounds.  Plan to be as many different places on each holiday as you can to maximize stress.  Decorate the house. Decorate the office.  Buy new clothes for every party.  Invite anyone and everyone to a party at your house.  Include those who tend to show up and insult you and make you feel bad.  It is a “holiday” after all.   Forget the gym during December!  Who has time????

Holiday Celebration Style 2:
Show Joyful Satisfaction About Life

Rewrite the rules about the holidays.  Consider healthier food, more time at the gym, quality time with people who really matter and preparation for the New Year.  Consider simple decorations. Attend a few parties that are meaningful.  Buy gifts only if you can pay for them with cash and without interfering with other financial goals. Instead of buying gifts for those who don’t need them, consider some charitable giving.  Focus celebrations around something other than food.

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