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December 2009 metroSPIRIT: In the Face of Tragedy

One Woman's Story on Overcoming Loss While Realizing a Dream

Amy Wieczorek

Amy Wieczorek

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When tragedy strikes, there are two ways to respond. You can indefinitely curl up in the fetal position and let it take over your life or you can channel your pain into action. 



Amy Wieczorek did the latter. When the University of Nebraska at Omaha junior lost one of her closest friends, Morgan Hohnbaum, in a drunk driving accident, she used her pain proactively to ensure others would not suffer her friends fate. She talks to groups about the effects of drunk driving. She is working to establish a Safe Ride program at UNO.  And she has joined forces to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, to raise both money and awareness about the life-changing effect of drunk driving.

Wieczorek admits it took time to find her way out of a black hole of sorrow after Morgan died. She began questioning her faith. How could a loving God, she wondered, allow such a horrible thing to happen? How was she supposed to recover from such a loss at such a young age? 

The answers came one Sunday while she was in church. In his sermon, her minister called on his congregation to Be the light in someones darkness, Wieczorek recalls.  His words resonated with her. And propelled her to action.

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