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December 2009 VIBRATIONS: Love Deeply... Let Go.

December Horoscopes

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Saturn Square Pluto is a force among us!  No matter what sign you are, this is a difficult time.  Practicing non-attachment is the only way to deal with it.  This is a call to release and to let go, a common theme as we move into the turbulent waters of the coming few years.  Change is inevitable, how are you doing with flowing through and letting go.



Many old powers are breathing their last breaths, look around at the world and see this is true, where can you breathe the last breath of your own outmoded patterns? As we peer into the crystal ball of astrology, December has a major conjunction (all close together) of the Sun (vital life force), Pluto (transform) and Venus (love) around Christmas Eve. The best use of this POWER is to love deeply with all of your heart to everyone and anyone. Do not block the power of love or it will turn on you. We have another dynamic Full Moon eclipse on New Years Evecreate a sanctuary and meditate for whatever you desire for 2010..you will need all the help you can get.  And lets not forget Mars is boosting everyones energy through June-use it to get healthier and stronger. Use December to get ready for the powerful changes of 2010.


There it sits-right on your career, starting out slowly the first of the month and gathering momentum by the end. Mars is in your House of Fun/Children/Creativity-Go for it in a big way, you so deserve to have some fun!  Relationships continue to hold you accountable. The New Moon on the 16th is close to the Sun, this is time to re-think your deepest philosophies and expand beyond your old ones. A new horizon awaits you.


Everything you thought you knew will evolve now–embrace that, you are about to learn more than you ever dreamed of. Your home will by dynamically changed in the months to come. Seize the power and make it what you want. You have enormous support for travels of the mind and travels of the body, truly not that different. You will be reborn in many areas of your life and there is just so much help out there for you!


Much is dying so that rebirth can come into your life.  There is a strong focus on your relationships and partnerships.  Some amazing inspirations may be found if you are grounded enough to bring them in-Pay Attention.  The New Moon on the 16th will be an opportune time to plant seeds for future relationships.  And the Full Moon Eclipse on the 31st may see a few dreams come true.


If you have a talent or two, bring them out, because this month Mars will give you all the energy you need to develop them.  Home needs a better foundation and some stern realizations will still be coming your way.  Lots of energy for work and if you want that to improve, you need to ask.  Please take better care of your health; it will be easier this month if you just try.


Whoa, you are so vibrant and strong (which is usual anyway), but with Mars in your personality sector do be careful that you dont step on any toes!  Be your charming Leonine self and go for the gold, you will charm them all if you are just centered!  Lots of fun this month for you so relax and enjoy that. The long lessons of the next few years can wait while you relax.


Home and Fun take center stage to help you find some creative outlet and balance. Your relationships continue to be unpredictable.oh well, focus on more FUN!  Home is full of energy this month and you can make a memorable Christmas out of it with just a little effort. Peace on Earth is what you wantMAKE IT SO.

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