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December 2009 VIBRATIONS: Love Deeply... Let Go.

December Horoscopes

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 Beauty, harmony and balance are what you seek and you will need to foster that this month. Breathe and take a yoga class or Tai Chi..meditate for your higher good this month. Your subconscious continues to ask for healing and you may notice that reflecting in your home.  Clean it up, re-organize, get busy, you can do it now. The eclipse on the 31st is in your career sector, make a splash, and dont pass that by.


You are a talented soul and there is a lot of energy for that now.and even more, for making money. The way you communicate is intense and powerful; many people will be listening to you.  Mars highlights your career/achievements in this life through June. You are a force to be reckoned with and you have an amazing cheering gallery! You ROCK.


Bright and shining star that you are, please show that to the world. We need your light now. Money should be good this month and Mars stirs your deepest philosophies to reach higher-do that.


With so much inner turmoil and karmic balancing going on I wonder how you are faring. You will be given extra help with that this month.  Strength, wisdom and more are yours and people will notice that!  Still some rapid letting go of whatever, so that the new can be born-Mars with its strength will help.


You are the leader in your relationships now, dont hurt anyone, be kind and generous. Friends can help you all month to discover your dreams and act on them. I know this is a difficult time for you, but it is all for the good and you will come out a much better person.  Be careful of gaining weight-watch the food you consume.


Healthy and strong you are, and work is good! Career and life achievements are going well and you are about to manifest your hearts desires, isnt that just wonderful!! Still some old karma to balance out but if you dont hang on and just let it go, you will be a much happier person.

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