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The Invisible Path

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Learning • The Hard Way

If you are anything like me, learning the hard way is what it takes to truly learn a life lesson.

When I was ten years old, I told my parents I wanted “lots of presents for Christmas.”  My mom responded by telling me that they would be fair between me and my brother.

I argued I should get more presents than my brother because I deserved it.

I was ten years old, and it showed. My mom obliged and said I would be surprised.

Over the days leading up to Christmas I was excited to see the number of presents with my name increase each day under the Christmas tree. Eventually I had 25 presents. My brother had two. It looked fair to me. Christmas came and it was time to open the presents. I dove in.

The first box was a watch. That was good. My brother received a watch just like mine. My next present was one sock. My brother got a present with twelve pairs of socks.

My next present was a matching sock. You get the idea. Every present left was one sock.

My mom was right. She did oblige and I was surprised.

My parents, in giving me the socks, did more than the act of keeping my feet comfortable and warm; they taught me a life lesson that has stayed with me every day since then.

I will never forget the Christmas my mom told me about a time my grandpa went to the grocery store and bought six oranges. One for her, and one for each of her five siblings. That was Christmas and it was a sacrifice.

Christmas is not about the gifts we receive. It is about the birth and true gift of Jesus Christ.

The sacrifice He made in being born among us to save us.

My mom and dad sacrificed their time to teach me a lesson I would not forget.

My grandpa sacrificed in a way that had meaning and created a memory for his children.

Use this season to teach your children the same.

I can’t wait for my 13-year-old son to ask for more presents than we give his sister.


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