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Mission Critical • Mission For All Nations

“I haven’t been able to find full time work,” says Rachel, clearly disappointed. It has been very difficult for this single mom of three girls - Lilly, Lydia and Minna - to survive on her part-time income. As a result, there was no way she could provide Christmas gifts for her daughters. That is where Mission For All Nations comes in.

They are a faith based non-profit that serves the working poor in the Omaha Metropolitan community. Last year their food pantry provided a week supply of food to nearly 40,000 low income people and nearly 30,000 people received clothing and household items. In addition, they distributed over 12,000 sack lunches. Their dedication to helping people in need is evident in that 97 percent of all donations go directly to client services. The holiday season can be especially difficult for families in need. Every year, Mission For All Nations assists families at Christmas time by providing toys for children along with a turkey or a ham for the families holiday meal. Toys are distributed at a Christmas party where there are activities the family can do together. One of the favorite activities is the family photo. Each family receives one photo to take home with them. For many, this is the only family photo they have for the year.

In addition, there are activities like face painting or clowns making balloons for the children. A meal is provided along with cookies. Each family receives a large bag full of toys along with one or two rolls of wrapping paper and tape. This allows the parents to wrap the gifts for their children so they can take part in preparing the Christmas presents. This year, Mission For All Nations anticipates providing toys to over 500 low income families in the Omaha Metropolitan area.

“It’s nice to know there is something that the kids can do that’s positive,” Rachel said. Her children enjoyed all the activities and food at the Christmas party and Rachel was thrilled she had presents to give to her children on Christmas Day.

This event would not be possible without the generosity of the community. Volunteers hold toy drives, sort gifts, help families register for Christmas assistance, and plan activities. Churches, businesses, and individuals pull together to make sure there are enough toys, food, and resources to make Christmas special for low income families. Your gift of $25 can make Christmas memorable for children like Lilly, Lydia, and Minna.


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