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December 2010 Soul's Journey

The Gift of Yourself

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Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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You are unique. Think about that. Out of billions of people, there is no one else exactly like you in all the world. There is neither one who does life exactly like you, nor is a better you than you. Your experiences, perceptions, talents, and beliefs are yours alone. Before you came into this world you chose a unique combination of family, gender, culture, birth order and other factors to help your soul’s learning in this lifetime. These factors form a one of a kind design of the vehicle that carries your soul energy on this level.

When we embrace who we are and what we have to offer, we have enthusiasm, joy, and a willingness to take risks. When we believe we are not enough as we are or not allowed to make mistakes, we hold back parts of ourselves. We develop a very limited definition of who we are and what’s acceptable. We learn to deny or cut off the essence within which then blocks our soul energy.

We can spend so much time protecting our weaknesses and defending our strengths that we lose our authenticity. In the pretending and the hiding, we shut down that vibrant dynamic energy that we are.

There is such beauty, richness, and depth inside every one of us. We have amazing capacities to embrace life, to open up to ourselves and others. But often we go through life merely staying on the surface, trying to not make waves. Going to the deepest parts of ourselves, understanding who we are, and accepting ourselves on all levels takes courage. It causes us to expand the definition we have of ourselves. We become real. We become soulful.

We are giving the gift of ourselves when:
•    We’re fully present in the moment
•    When we participate 100% in life
•    When we come from a place of our heart being open
•    When we believe we’re enough as we are
•    When we know we have something of value to share with the world
•    When we are real with ourselves and others
•    When we’re able to speak our truth and honor our feelings in a loving way

Being real. Being in our loving. No need to be better than. No need to shrink back. That’s an invitation for our soul energy to flow through.

The following is one of my absolute favorites, and speaks to this:

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