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December 2011 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Collectively, as a people of planet earth, we are being called to radically regenerate our individual lives and then turn out and help others with their transformation.  The world will change and become what we want when we do that change for ourselves and those close to us.  What are you doing to make your life and the world a better place for all to live in?  We have a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th.  Full Moon’s  are big emotions, shining a light on some area we need to focus on.  We need to focus on what is real in our lives now and discard what is shallow or empty or tedious.  Uranus gets in the act at the same time and helps all take a bigger step into expanded consciousness.  Mercury has been in retrograde since November 25, I hope you bought all your Christmas presents early this year, when Mercury is retrograde things can go awry, especially electronic  things!  But, it turns Direct on 12/14 and Christmas Eve will not be under it’s craziness.  Speaking of Christmas Eve, we’ve got a lovely one this year with a profound New Moon conjunct Pluto and Jupiter going Direct the day after!  Translation:  Abundance, profound feelings of love and joy and great depth of experience.  This is a time to radically regenerate your life and share the things that have meaning with those you love.  Peace on Earth.



It continues to be fairly unpredictable for you as you reinvent yourself after a long rest.  The Eclipse is asking you to let go of something in your everyday life that is holding you down/back from happiness.  Work is good and health is strong thanks to Mars hanging out in that area for quite a while.  Do something big for those you love at Christmas, it will be remembered for a long time.


How are you keeping up with yourself with so many changes in your deepest held beliefs and psyche?  Jupiter is helping others to see you as a very outstanding and peerless personality and the Eclipse on the 10th is calling for you to see more clearly in the area of what it is you are supposed to be doing in your life with the gifts that you have.  Work continues to have stern Saturn making you build better foundations and that goes for your health too.  Christmas may have you wishing to be on a sunny beach somewhere, but you can make it whatever you want.


Hold the fort down!  This Eclipse on the 10th is in your most personal house seeking a radical change in who you are.  You need to be REAL-who is the REAL you?  Profound transformation around Christmas time, your could heal many old wounds with family and friends if you can just line your ego up spiritually.  Still some confusion on your career, thanks to Neptune, meditate on that for  more inspiration.


Something that is hidden may come out for all to see on the Eclipse 12/10.  Should be a great opportunity for insight and psychic messages for you.  Your everyday living is super charged and busy thanks to Mars and will stay that way till next July-pace yourself.  Your most intimate relationships can be very profound at Christmas if you can keep your feelings stabilized, it really is time for you to be more spiritual.


Happy Leo dancing around this Eclipse on the 10th with the support of all your friends, should be a blast!  It’s time for you to really assert yourself and get the job you deserve now, or at least a raise.  With the New Moon in your House of your health and things you take care of around Christmas, you may find yourself caring for an elderly relative.  Venus will smoothe it all out with love and December will end on a lovely note for you.


You have tons of energy thanks to Mars and that will continue till next July!  If you have been thinking about changing careers, the Eclipse on the 10th will be a great help in that area.  Make a few calls and send out applications, it is very well favored.  Home is highlighted this month and so are children.  Christmas sees you in either a power struggle with your child or a moving experience on a very deep level.  Heads up-make sure it is joyous instead of the opposite.  Unpredictable change is just around the corner now that Uranus has gone Direct again.  You can expect the unexpected when it comes to other people and their money.


It’s been difficult the last few years thanks to Saturn in your personal space, and that will continue another year, but you are really getting some work done!  A radical change or some regeneration in your home is highlighted with this Eclipse on the 10th and it will be emotionally profound.  If you are caring for an aged parent, they may be on your mind more than usual.  Christmas will be very spiritually fulfilling this year and the abundance will start to flow on that day!


This total Lunar Eclipse on the 10th visits you in the house of death and rebirth.  I believe this is a big signal to close the door on some part of your past so that a fresher life can be yours.  Relationships are blessed this month, thanks to Jupiter.  The New Moon on Christmas Eve is bound to be deep and profound and feels like just what you need.  Mercury finally stops it’s backward move and helps you out with any financial deals that just weren’t working the last month.


It’s your month, and that’s always a nice surge of positive energy for you!  Happy Birthday!  Some of your old relationships may need to be let go of so that newer and more positive ones can come in.  There is also the possibility of great healing of old relationships this month.  Work should be abundant and rewarding and your health is good now too.  Great change in your money sector, ask for a raise after Christmas.


The world is looking to you to be a standout for authenticity, integrity and doing it right!  And you have the power with Pluto in your sign till January 2024.  The Full Moon on the 10th will highlight and area of your life where you take care of people/self/things, since it is also a Lunar eclipse, something you have been taking care of will change drastically.  Down the road a little, another door will open for you and it will be a nice surprise.  It’s not been so easy with Saturn creating friction for you to be the best you can be.  Be sure you take a little rest now and then.


Mars is helping you change and people are noticing, this will keep up till next summer.  The best use of Mars energy is to forge ahead and be a good leader with new ways of doing things, otherwise it just degenerates into ego disputes.  The eclipse on the 10th opens the door on newer, more creative ways of doing your life and having more fun!  Christmas Eve’s New Moon helps you go deep within to see your value and spiritual connections.  It will be very profound for you at month’s end.


Now that your ruling planet, Neptune is moving forward again, your brain fog will lift and you will see newer ways of expressing yourself to the world.  Uranus, the planet of brilliance albeit unstable, will help you see new talents or newer ways of expressing your talents that should make you more money.  The Eclipse on the 10th hits your home and that will end an old way of being and open up a new way, possibly a move.  Mars is enegizing your relationships, just be careful you don’t bite off anyone’s head.  Christmas should be profoundly special with friends, relax and enjoy it all-a great end to the month for all Pisces!!


Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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