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Birthstone of the Month - Tanzanite

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DISCOVERED ONLY ABOUT 40 YEARS AGO BY Masai warriors in Tanzania, tanzanite is found nowhere else on earth. It has grown quickly in popularity and is the birthstone for December. Tanzanite can range in color from bluish-purple, to blush-violet, to violet-blue, to blue. It features a unique, strong characteristic, called pleochroism, which allows tanzanite to show two different colors at the same time. Tanzanite can also change color when viewed under different light sources. The blues are more evident under fluorescent lights, and the violets are more evident under incandescent lights.

Tanzanite is most often inclusion free, therefore it is not rare to see a tanzanite completely free of inclusions. Tanzanite will scratch and abrade more readily than many other gemstones. It is recommended that you take extra precaution if wearing this gemstone in a ring.

Shown: Oval Tanzanite and diamond pendant


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