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A Delicious New You

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You know her; you've seen her. She is breathtaking; she is phenomenal. When she walks into a room, the energy and attention immediately shift in her direction. As she comes and goes, a sweet and delightful scent appears. It is her soul scent. It is the aroma of her juicy goodness permeating the room. This delightful scent is of a woman who has intentionally done the work from the inside out, and she has become a delicious woman.




She is not perfect, nor does she strive to be. She is a woman who has completely embraced who she is, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. She realizes that she is a work in progress, and she diligently works to become the woman she desires to be, a beautiful masterpiece of self. A delicious woman is awesomely comfortable in her own skin. She has boldly stepped into her personal power. Living on auto-pilot is a thing of the past, and she refuses to allow anyone other than herself to control the quality, depth, direction, and flavor of her life.

A delicious woman is ready at all times to face and conquer her fears, knowing that fear will always be present yet she will stare it in the face... A delicious woman has a clear and colorfully profound vision for her life. She knows what she wants and has designed a personalized recipe to achieve it. She is living the life of her dreams on her own terms. She does not make excuses for her life and lives in the right now moment with mindfulness, intention, and full sensory awareness. She speaks and breathes life into her dreams and the dreams of other women.

Are you ready to become phenomenally delicious? Are you ready to discover and release your juicy goodness? Are you ready to finally live the life of your dreams? It's time to get delicious. No more excuses, no more blame, no more procrastination, and no more self-sabotage. If you are ready here are a few things you need to consider or begin doing:

  • Change every negative or limiting belief into a positive affirmation for your life.
  • Take back your life from the things that are holding you back and keeping you captive.
  • Become intentional about your life. Only give energy to things and people that matter to you.
  • Take control of your life and stop letting other people and events construct your destiny. 
  • Do something every day to create the life you want.
  • Talk yourself into doing the things you desire instead of making excuses of why you can't.

A delicious life is your right and your choice. So choose to stop living a bland life and do the work to create a delicious life you love.


Excerpts from "Delicious!

The Savvy Women's Guide to Living a Sweet, Sassy, and Satisified Life"

"A savvy woman is a woman of presence, and a delicious life affords you many opportunities to show up and show out. What do I mean? When you show up, you step into any situation and are confident... When you show out, you captivate those around you and make a powerful impression... A savvy woman living a delicious life has mastered the art of presence."

"Being a woman of presence is not about being conceited,
flamboyant, and arrogant but rather about being comfortable in your own skin despite your flaws and idiosyncrasies. ...It is a beautiful thing to stand in your own space with confidence."

"If you want to begin living a delicious life
or make your life more scrumptous, then identify other delicious women and learn from them. Manifesting the life you desire takes a vision, belief, and daily intentional actions. So, think about the best life you could live. Imagine what the best you looks like, and create a plan to create your best life reality."

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