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Love is a Verb.

February 2010: metroSPIRIT

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Love is a Verb; an Action


 The Merriam Webster dictionary defines "love" as, "a strong feeling of affection for another person". The word is classified as a noun. My thought is that "love," in the long-term, should be classified as a verb; an action. Love in our lives is created by the type of energy we put into our surroundings. The presence of love in our lives is a transformational gift. The gift of love can last a lifetime if we choose to act in a way that perpetuates the gift, but that doesn't happen by accident. We are the creators of love by how we treat ourselves and how we treat those around us.  

When I got divorced fifteen years ago, I decided to observe and spend time around couples who seemed to have the skills to make their love last for a lifetime. I have always thought that long-term love is the most beautiful. The thoughts in this article are some of my observations over the years.

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