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Speak Up to Save Lives

February 2010: metroWELLNESS

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Too many women die each year because they are unaware that heart disease is their number-one killer. One in three women suffers in silence, and almost one woman dies every minute of this largely preventable disease.



Together, we can bring a voice to this silent killer to help save lives. We can listen to what our hearts are telling us, wear red on National Wear Red Day and spread the word to our friends and community about making the right choices and taking action. Save lives with the power of your very own voice. Start the conversation by choosing to Speak Up about heart disease. Those interested can Speak Up to Save Lives at GoRedForWomen.Org.

Why should I care?

Heart disease is the number-one killer of women age 20 and over, killing approximately one woman every minute. More women die of cardiovascular disease than the next five causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. While 1 in 30 American women die of breast cancer, about 1 in 3 die from cardiovascular disease. One in three U.S. women die from cardiovascular disease, but only 1 in 5 believes that heart disease is her greatest health threat. Ninety percent of women have one or more risk factors for developing heart disease.

What can I do?

Eighty percent of cardiac events in women may be prevented if women make the right choices for their hearts, involving diet, exercise and abstinence from smoking. Choosing to speak up for our hearts can help us beat the heart disease.

Why should I join?

Research shows that women who Go Red are more likely to make healthy choices.

For example:

  • More than 1/3 have lost weight.
  • Nearly 55% have increased their exercise.
  • 6 out of 10 have changed their diets.
  • More than 40% have checked their cholesterol levels.   
  • 1/3 have developed heart health plans with their doctors

  Choose to speak up for yourself.

  • Choose to make your voice  and your heart  stronger than ever.
  • Choose to take control of your heart health.
  • Choose to talk to your doctor. Schedule a doctors appointment each year and get a complete blood screen.
  • Visit GoRedForWomen.org and download
  • What to Know BEFORE Your Doctor Visit.
  • Choose to Say YES to healthy behaviors.
  • Choose to walk, not sit.
  • Choose to eat baked, not fried.
  • Find cooking tips and flavorful recipes for you and your family at GoRedForWomen.org.
  • Choose to breathe, not smoke.
  • Find out how smoking increases your risk for heart disease at GoRedForWomen.org.
  • Choose to be a BetterU.
  • Choose to speak up for yourself.

 Know your numbers.

  • Ask your doctor to check your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose and body mass index.
  • Take the Heart CheckUp.
  • Visit GoRedForWomen.org and choose to take the Go Red Heart CheckUp to find out your 10-year risk of heart disease or stroke.
  • Enroll in Go Red BetterU. Go Red BetterU is the free, 12-week online makeover that can change your life.
  • Choose to be a BetterU at GoRedForWomen.org.
  • Choose to share your choices and your story, empowering by example.
  • Share your story of the choices you have made to improve your health at GoRedForWomen.org
  • Encourage the women in your life to share their stories.
  • Choose to join the conversation at GoRedForWomen.org.
  • Join Go Red For Women to connect with others who are speaking up for women's heart health nationwide and sharing their healthy choices. 

  Choose to speak up for others.

  • Choose to spread awareness of the No.1 killer of women.
  • Make your voice (and the hearts of your community) stronger than ever while supporting the movement at GoRedForWomen.org.
  • Choose to educate your community about heart-healthy actions.
  • Choose to donate. Give from the heart to help fund life-saving research and education programs for women. Receive a red dress pin and wear it proudly to show your support.
Go Red For Women is nationally sponsored by Macys and Merck & Co., Inc.

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