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February 2011 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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We start this year with a whollop of a solar eclipse that is slamming doors on old patterns of the past. It’s such a big year in so many ways. We have Neptune (spirituality/illusion), Uranus (inspiration or chaos), Jupiter (higher mind) and Chiron (heal old wounds or not) changing their signs this year, that’s a lot of powerful change.

On March 11th, Uranus moves into Aries and is going to make aggressive changes in your life. It’s a vital energy that asks to be used strongly and will last until March 6, 2019. That energy will help you creatively uplift your life from inaction to action. On January 22nd, Jupiter (expansion) moves into Aries (take a leap of faith), until June 4th when it moves into Taurus (contentment/beauty) for a year until June 12, 2012. On April 4th, Neptune returns home to the sign it rules-Pisces. During this time the people of the world will accelerate into a higher spiritual awareness and it lasts until January 27, 2026. Chiron moves into Pisces in April to stay until April of 2018. June brings another set of eclipses, a New Moon partial eclipse at 11 degrees of Gemini on the 1st. June 16th brings a Total Solar Eclipse at 24 degrees of Sagittarius……another summer of closing out the old and personal changes. The theme is accelerated transformation for the peoples of planet earth.



Whatever you thought your purpose in life was is changing in dramatic ways. January closes the door on an old way of life, and you can move to a brand new level. If you don’t know what you want you will be run over and at others dominion. February lightens your load immensely and brings an altruistic love and benefit to your career zone. There is much more, go for it!


January is ‘rock ‘em sock ‘em’ for you! Your philosophies are changing to match the times.
Legal matters may look grim, but turn out well. Love is profound and deepens your appreciation of life. In February, look to lucky career moves and a new zest for just what you can do here in your life. An expansive energy has moved into your connection to guides and institutions and is highly beneficial!


Time for some major rejuvenation for you! New beginnings as doors close on your past. Time to handle some pretty chaotic energies and turn your life into what you want it to be. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a plan just yet, you are still being re-made and your mind is reforming for a grand debut in the years to come. Yes, you will be recognized and appreciated at last!


Hold on, you will be ok, it’s just that Pluto (power/change) and a lot of his friends are re-working your committed relationships. The Eclipse on Jan. 4, has you reeling with relationships changing on you, some deepening, others leaving. By February the shift effects you deeply and someone may be leaving this life. Your career is changing now and bringing you a lot more satisfaction.


If you have a pet, make sure they are up on their shots and healthy. Don’t neglect your health either. If you feel like redecorating your home, do it,Venus (love & beauty) wants to help you make your home more inviting. Your unusual and crazy relationships are a bit of an overload at the moment, when February comes try some new angles. Your mind is traveling into the higher stratospheres all Feb.; grab a few brilliant ideas and channel them down into your life, this will surprise everyone except you.


If you have children they are a source of deep emotion in January. Your creativity is being developed in long-lasting and profound ways. Money is good if you are responsible, not so good if you aren’t. In February, the shift will move to work and health. The theme is to be original and innovative.


January continues to bring the focus to your home. You may move or make some dramatic changes in that area. Work is good and there is plenty of it- enjoy it while it lasts. February bring unusual and unexpected fun and joy. Sometimes that will be with children or a great vacation.


The power of your mind is quite profound these days, and you are on the prowl for deep encounters. You are very attractive now, something you love so much. In February be careful in the home, there is an unpredictable energy at work. A good use of that would be to create a unique atmosphere that is original and completely your own.


Your money sector demands some attention and change. The eclipse in January closes a door on old money issues so that a fresher approach can be seen. Changes in the home are ongoing. February sees you delving deeply into communicating who you are, and if you are a writer, you will be very prolific this month.


Re-creating yourself continues not only in your exterior but interior too! Saturn lauds your career and friends are filled with love for you! February shifts into bringing out new talents and looking at how you make money-it might need a more original approach. Career is GOOD!


Your dreams have got to be “off the charts” weird and inspirational! If your money energy is illusive it is only because you need to be a little more creative in how you earn that. February is a great time to start a different exercise program and re-think how you present yourself
to the world. You are a star, let people see that!


January continues to be a time of confusion on how to reflect yourself out to the world. Friends are changing, change is inevitable and you may be wondering where you fit into all of it. February intensifies your connection to the other worldly by vivid dreams and more. Institutions you work for or are involved in may surprise you, hopefully in a good way.

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