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JANUARY 2010 NHS: Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets!

Nebraska Humane Society: Kathy Gross

Kathy Gross and a few of her NHS Alumni

Kathy Gross and a few of her NHS Alumni

Talk to Kathy Gross about her pets and you'll find her commitment goes much deeper than simply providing them a home. 



She researches animal habitats so she can offer her pets the healthiest and happiest living conditions. That's no small task. Kathy has been a volunteer and patron of the Nebraska Humane Society for years. She has all sorts of alumni, and they're not just your typical dogs and cats (although she has those too)! There is her chinchilla, adopted 12 years ago, who appreciates a colder environment due to her thick fur. Sam, Kathy's newest arrival, is a Flemish rabbit. Sam enjoyed a garden retreat this past summer, but has denned up inside for the winter. Sam actually got out of his pen a few weeks after Kathy adopted him and ended up in a neighbors yard up the street. "He was so good," says Kathy, "I approached and just kind of called to him, and he came right over to me." Its obvious that Kathy is a true animal lover. "I just love all these guys," she says of her menagerie, which includes a 25 year old tortoise, a cockatoo, and a group of diamond doves among others. "It's fun having different pets with unique traits and personalities." We agree, especially after we were serenaded by Buster, the Amazon Parrot, who does an amazing rendition of Danny Boy


New Classes for the New Year!

Does Fido need a little manners tune up? Maybe your new puppy is making life hectic. We can help. The Nebraska Humane Society has a whole new schedule of classes to get 2010 off on the right paw.  Too busy to commit to six weeks of classes? Our Drop-In Classes let you drop in when you can. Puppy classes are Monday nights from 5:30 to 6:30p.m.  Adolescent and adult dogs can come Tuesdays at the same time. Or, talk to our trainers about private lessons in the comfort of your own home. Call 444-7800 ext 702.

All class information and schedules are available at www.nehumanesociety.org.


When its Time to Say Goodbye...

At the Nebraska Humane Society we know how difficult it is to say goodbye to four legged family members. But, unfortunately, its a fact of life that pet owners will have to go through. When the time comes, we want you to know that NHS offers private cremation services for beloved pets. The service is called Rainbow Bridge. Ask your veterinarian for details or find information on our website under services. All proceeds from Rainbow Bridge help animals still waiting to find homes.

We can think of no better tribute for your beloved pet.


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