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JANUARY 2010: Vibrations

January Horoscopes: The Countdown to 2012

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The big news this year is the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Aries next summer.  You will need to check in to see how you are doing with these energies, see how you feel, 2010 isn't for the faint of heart  its for warriors. Your body has to be open to receive this energy or it will crash and burn.  Live by your intuition, don't plan too heavily, go with what is manifesting.  Your chakras are funnels and as these new energies funnel in, if you dont use it creatively it will start to clog up your energy system leaving you feeling frustrated, blocked and more.  The Solar Plexus Chakra is the manifestation chakra - don't clog that!  Just tune in and see what you need to change, it can be as simple as brushing your teeth in a different way. 



For January, we start off a day after a big Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and opposing that we have a triple dose of Capricorn sitting on the MidHeaven (the most prominent area of the chart) Pluto-Venus-Sun and Mercury all hail to the world saying do it right, plan it well, fill it with love and CHANGE all for the best now!  Mercury continues to retrograde until the 16th, so keep cleaning those closets and re-working old plans, dont buy electronics, sign contracts or start anything new until the 23rd.  Jupiters move this month from Aquarius into Pisces will start a year of expanded spiritual consciousness for all.


Mars is amping up the demand that you BE YOURSELF above all else!  You need to play more but dont let that get out of control.  If you have children they may be a little difficult this month.  Some real opportunities are opening up for your career, and if you dont have a career, one may just fall in your lap!  Relationships require great care and focus to obtain the harmony you need.


This month you may appear a little compulsive as Mars moves through your subconscious or you may be redecorating your home; but something deep inside of you will be calling for attention.  Your job/career may not flow smoothly at this time, so see if you can get a few days off and do a little soul searching and re-arrange the furniture.  Your higher mind is being re-made so just relax and let it happen.


Jupiters move into your 10th House of career and fame couldnt have come at a better time.  Take advantage of the power to make your superiors notice you!  Its been a little unpredictable with Uranus in this house, but Jupiter will bring a nice big surge of energy in that area to help you gain the success you need.  Great change is underway in your life this month.


You are riding a wave of eclipse energy that will boost how others perceive you.  Your talents have never been stronger and you should be able to turn that to profit.  Great surprises in the relationship sector and something with a business partner or marriage may have the brakes on till the end of the month.  Be patient it should work out nicely.  Pay attention to your home and yourself instead of caring for everybody else.


You are such a force to be reckoned with at this time, try not to step on too many toes.  Work should be going through some very creative and deep changes, although you may not notice it this month with Mercury retrograde.  February will manifest those miracles.  Jupiter moving into your house of change/inheritance/enlightenment may bring a few surprises in the months to come.  Be open and reconnect with your spirituality.

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