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Meta-Commitments: Commitments at the Soul Level

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How Do I Determine What Meta-Commitments are right for me?

Remember that a meta-commitment is a soul level concept.  It does not mean staying at a job that makes you miserable.  It does mean making a commitment to the values that will lead you to a job or career path that feeds the soul and it does mean making changes in a way that honors your meta-commitment. 

To determine what meta-commitments are right for you, take an inventory. Take the inventory over a period of time.  Ive been doing it since I read Kemptons article a year ago.  I regularly meditate.  At first, I had a long list of jumbled possible meta-commitments. At this juncture, appropriate meta-commitments have clearly revealed themselves to me. They are few in number and represent desired life themes for whatever time I have left on this earth.

Make a list of the friends that you value most.  What are their qualities? Why do you value them?  Make a list of what you love to do. Identify the places youve been to that touch your heart.  What type of music do you love to listen to? When you are peace, what thoughts cross your mind?  What makes your heart sing?  

Make no immediate judgments about what the list reveals to you.  Instead, continue your current journey but become more observant.  Over the next few months, really notice your reactions to people, places and things.  Continue to journal.  Your meta-commitments will reveal themselves to you.

Living Meta-Commitments

 Once you have begun to identify meta-commitments, the universe will support your commitment. This does not mean that you sit down and it will magically happen.  It is a cause and effect proposition.  Perhaps you have determined that a meta-commitment for you is kindness.  You note that your particular job is a cut-throat position that rewards backstabbing and punishes kindness.  If that is the case, write a resume. Network.  Take the steps that will help you find the job that allows you to have an income and honor your meta-commitment.

If your meta-commitment is to personal health, join a gym. Go to a class. Find yourself a work out partner. Take classes on eating healthy.  Find healing friends who enjoy brown rice, vegetables and tea.

Do whatever it takes to honor your meta-commitment. Be aware. Re-evaluate. Forgive yourself for any mis-steps on the path. If you fall down, get up again and again and again. Re-commit.


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