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Raul Saldivar completed an arduous Great Wall Marathon, not for personal glory but for the love of disabled kids

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Spirited by a love of athletics and adventure, Raul Saldivar's life is committed to helping those in need. Throughout the years, Saldivar has run five marathons, and in 2007, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for the Climb for Kids Campaign, which raised $20,000 for Romanian children. While Rauls dedication has taken him to many countries, his inspiration knows no bounds.




Saldivar is the vice president of human resources and the chief integrity officer for Mosaic. He has spent over twenty years working at Mosaic, which is an organization that provides support and partnership for disabled individuals. When he was a child, Rauls family, who were migrant workers in Texas, moved to Axtell, Nebraska. He spoke no English when he started kindergarten, however, quickly learned the language. As he grew older, Saldivar found his groove in athletics, especially wresting. In fact, he was Axtell, Nebrakas first state champion. "That built my confidence and self-esteem," Saldivar recalls.

In 1975, he participated in the Olympic free style competition and joined the U.S. team's trip to Communist Romania. This eye-opening experience gave him a greater understanding of the freedom given in the United States. During a two-day trip from Frankfort, Romania, Raul and the team came across the Communist Romanian militia. They watched as the military men, who were armed with machine guns and dogs, inspect the rail cars. The inspection was also under the careful gaze of other militia guards who were posted on street corners. During their stay in Romania, the Americans could speak with other wrestlers; however, they were banned from communicating with anyone else.

Jan 12, 2010 04:25 pm
 Posted by  jwinkna

That is heartwarming and touching! Mom talks about Raul a lot, now i know why! :)

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