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Birthstone of the Month - Garnet

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BELIEVED TO PROTECT TRAVELERS, promote long-lasting love and cure depression and hearing difficulties, garnet remains a popular gemstone. Derived from the Latin word granum, meaning grainy, it was believed that garnets resembled the seeds of pomegranate. The garnet is most commonly known for its deep red color, but is actually found in a spectrum of colors. This diverse family of gems is available in seven different varieties and colors, excluding blue. Color is the first thing to consider when selecting a garnet. Generally, a garnet with higher color saturation will be more valuable.


RHODOLITE: Reddish-purple or Purplish-red


ALMANDITE: Reddish-purple or Purplish-red

SPESSARTITE: Yellowish-orange or Reddish-orange

MALAIA: Pinkish-orange, Orange or Reddish-orange

TSAVORITE: Green or Yellowish-green

HESSONITE: Orange, Reddish-orange or Yellowish-orange

DEMANTOID: Green or Yellowish-green

Shown: Sterling Silver Capri Rhodolite Garnet Pendant


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