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January 2012 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Dr. Lee and Marie Simmons

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Dr. Lee and Marie Simmons with Tilly, Sadie, Shadow, Trinket


If you visit the Simmons house and you will be happily greeted by a canine chorus. Leading the pack is Sadie, a 1 ½ year old schnauzer that Lee and Marie adopted last month from NHS. “She is the youngest and the most active,” says Lee, “and she doesn’t want to miss a thing.”

Lee and Marie were on the lookout for another schnauzer after losing their 16 year old earlier this year. Sadie came into NHS about the time that one of Lee’s vet school classmates in Kentucky needed to find a home for Tilly, whose owner had passed away. Marie couldn’t leave either one of them homeless, and so the two girls arrived within a day of each other. There have been some expected scuffles, and sibling rivalry, but Tilly and Sadie fit right in with 6 year old Shaddow and 16 year old Trinket. “Sadie is active but she is also gentle, and a real lover,” Marie explains, “she climbs right up on your lap and snuggles under your chin.” The Simmons also credit Sadie with teaching Shaddow how to play. “We just love her, and can’t imagine anyone giving her up.” Rest assured the Simmons won’t. And it’s clear that Sadie is thriving in her new forever home!

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