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Expansion vs. Contraction

June 2010 metroSPIRIT: Soul's Journey

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Our soul’s purpose in this lifetime is expansion and to come into wholeness. We’re here to learn how to use the sacred energy that surrounds us and flows through us in ways that help us open to soul awareness. To truly know ourselves as Divine. Because of this, each of our souls has an agenda in every situation we face to assist in this awakening.



Due to our lack of awareness on the conscious level, it may seem as though just the opposite is happening in some of these situations. We each must deal with so many challenges, heartbreaks, losses in our lifetimes that it can seem absurd at times that there is a Divine purpose behind it all. And yet, that is exactly what is happening. Each situation we face, even the most traumatic, holds the keys to our freedom and growth. And each choice we make leads us into expansion or contraction of our energy.

We make choices daily on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels that either help us expand and align with our soul’s intent or cause us to contract and stay in a level of consciousness that limits us. Awareness is one of the first keys to creating the life we want, so the following is an exercise in becoming aware of the choices you are making, and where they are leading you. Turn your attention to your inner experience as you are exploring these choices. Do you feel your energy drop or your stomach tighten when you consider these different areas? Or, do you feel uplifted and energized? Becoming aware of what your energy is telling you at the time is helpful in moving you towards more expansion.

And through it all, no matter what choices we make that day, we can choose to love and accept ourselves.

Look at the choices you make on the physical level:

  • Do you listen to what your body is telling you and get plenty of rest, exercise and proper diet? Or, do you shut off the flow of life through addictions, driving yourself too hard, isolation, poor eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle?
  • Are you engaged in activities during the day that have meaning to you and bring you joy? Or, do you feel trapped and resentful in your daily activities?
  • Do you align your actions and energy with your soul’s intent or do you follow a path of least resistance and immediate gratification?

Look at the choices you make on the emotional level:

  • Do you have your heart open as you go through life or have you shut it down as a way of protecting yourself?
  • Are you able to identify your emotions and express them appropriately or do you ignore them or allow them to control you?
  • Do you hold yourself accountable for your actions or do you blame others for your mistakes or your emotional state?

Look at the choices you make on the mental level:

  • Are you able to let go of what no longer serves you, or do you hang on to negativity and resentment from the past?
  • Are your thoughts about yourself and others positive and accepting or are they critical and judgmental?
  • Do you believe you are worthy of love, health, happiness, joy, or do you believe you’re not deserving of receiving anything good?

Look at the choices you make on the spiritual level:

  • Do you feel a part of something larger than yourself or, are you an “island” that has to take care of everything on your own?
  • Do you take time on a regular basis to connect with yourself and/or your Higher Power, or do you go through life on autopilot?
  • Do you believe that you are a Co-creator in your own life or do you feel helpless in the face of life’s events?

It’s fairly obvious which of the answers to the above help us to expand and which causes our energy to contract. And yet, we often make choices that lead to contraction of our energy anyway.

Sometimes it’s the lack of awareness of the effects of our choices, sometimes we are going through our days on “autopilot”, letting unconscious programming determine what we do. Other times we realize that we are into contraction or limiting ourselves and continue to do it anyway, out of our fears and insecurities. Sometimes we simply need to learn who we’re not before we know who we are. This is all part of our learning, growth and soul’s evolution.

One step unfolding after the other, learning to trust what’s happening, listening to the inner wisdom that’s guiding us. When we step forward with loving each day into what our hearts and souls have placed before us, we expand our consciousness, our awareness of who we truly are.

And through it all, no matter what choices we make that day, we can choose to love and accept ourselves. All parts of ourselves. There is no greater expansion than that.

Love the Journey.

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