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June 2010 NHS: Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets!

Nebraska Humane Society: Bill and Berniece Grewcock

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Millie Grewcock is a lucky dog.  She’s lucky that Berniece Grewcock happened to be watching television the day Millie was “pet of the week.” 



She’s lucky that Berniece thought their resident dog, Tina, might want a friend.  And she’s lucky Bill and Berniece love dogs and were willing to open their home to a shelter dog. “She was definitely the dominant dog of the two,” says Bill, “but that was fine. The two fit together because Tina was so laid back.” Millie fit in with no problems.

Even though she had received no formal training in hunting she showed skill as a retriever. “She became a great hunting companion,” explained Bill, “and of course a great house dog too.” Now she enjoys walks, long naps and the company of her favorite people, Bill and Berniece.

Busy Summer Planned? Bone Jour Dog Daycare can keep Fido busy too!

Bone Jour Dog Daycare offers

  • Indoor and outdoor play areas
  • The best dog-to-attendant ratio in the metro
  • Private nap cabins
  • Grooming packages  

Spots are open for dogs who love to socialize and play.  And as you take care of your dog you also help homeless animals waiting for a second chance. That’s a win/win! Call 571-Care (2273) or visit www.bonejour.org.

When it’s Time to Say Goodbye…

At the Nebraska Humane Society we know how difficult it is to say goodbye to four legged family members. But, unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that pet owners will have to go through. When the time comes, we want you to know that NHS offers private cremation services for beloved pets. The service is called Rainbow Bridge. Ask your veterinarian for details or find information on our website under “services.” All proceeds from Rainbow Bridge help animals still waiting to find homes. We can think of no better tribute for your beloved pet.

For more information go to “Programs and Events” on the NHS Website at www.nehumanesociety.org, or call 444-7800 ext 273.

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