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June 2010: Vibrations

June 2010 horoscopes

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The month of June heralds a summer of hot and sizzling change. Many of us have already been thrown into the centrifuge and will be able to help others that it is just happening to. Negativity, do you even realize how negative some of your words and actions are? Many people are asleep at their own wheel still and don’t realize the effect that negativity has on theirs and others lives. Hoarding old dark thoughts and emotions can eat away at your physical and mental health. Now is the time to forgive and move on into whatever version of the Light you wish to live in. Happiness and love would be good choices. Helping others, growing a garden, realizing we are in a shift and to just quiet down and allow that shift to manifest in your life. Be open to a whole new world for yourself.




As Uranus and Jupiter tease you by entering your sign off and on thru the summer you will become even more eccentric! While Jupiter sits in your sign you may put on weight as Jupiter likes to expand everywhere it goes. Uranus just keeps everything at a frantic pace and you will need to take extra care of your body. 


Still lots of energy for entertaining or redecorating your home and just shaking things up in where you live. There’s been a lovely turn of your thoughts and you are just so engaging to all around you right now - thanks to Venus touring your mind and now into your home. A few struggles with ego demands a higher self instruction as Pluto looks down and asks if you are for real yet.


Life may seem a little confusing this month or you may just be irritable. There is a surge on for greater expression of who you are, but that is confused as Neptune opposes Mars in your communication house. You may think you know what you are saying, but it isn’t getting across very well. Lots of potential for earning more money this month.


As the transforming energies of this summer blast you with change, try a new workout plan, maybe a haircut, spruce up yourself. By the end of June you could be a rockstar. Huge surge of energy moving in and out of your achievement/career sector. After this summer you will wonder who the new you really is. 


You have had to let go of a lot the past few years and some of it was very confusing. Time for you to stretch yourself, move into some higher form of learning and maybe take a trip to expand your awareness of the world. Good time for self improvement and a new workout routine. At least walk around the block now!


Tone it down a little, your personality is a little strong right now. Try not to step on any toes. Your daily self is being deeply scrutinized from the house of major transformation. You’ve been preparing for these changes for a long time, begin to reap the rewards now. Friends are quite helpful this month, be sure you are there for them too.   


The onslaught of Uranus into your relationship sector can bring you some unusual relationships and unexpectedly lose a few old ones. If you can focus a little more on your career, you will have help from  friends. If it seems like a lot of karmic situations lately, that will soon pass when Saturn moves into your House of Body/Personality off and on and then to stay next spring. Breathe.


If you have been taking care of your health these past years, you can deploy the unpredictable nature of Uranus moving into the Health/Work sector of your chart. You may even find this energy creating new work for you or putting an original twist on the work that you already do. Meditation will be quite easy for you this month, maybe it’s time to set up a regular routine with that in it.


You are long overdue for a vacation, take one now and let it be unusual and spontaneous. Your relationships will be full of flights of fancy for a while and then off to work on transforming yourself into a better life. Stop ignoring the elephant in the room and your career will take off.


You will be a powerful presence this summer (aren’t you always?). Your home is about to undergo some major changes, that could be your interior home of Subconscious or your actual physical surroundings. Great month for your personal relationships and even business ones. Keep working on that body, it needs your attention.   


Your mind will start soaring in the stratospheres, better keep a tablet and pen handy at all times. Your health should be quite good this month. Finances, though, are a little unpredictable and there seems to be some unexpected news of someone leaving this earthly plane. You are under a deeper transformation than most, breathe, relax and maybe do some form of art therapy.


You are spiritual by nature and that will continue. Don’t suppress it, that just creates illness. You have been a very unusual character lately and that will now begin to affect your talents in a very positive way. Making money will start to improve now. This month would be a wonderful vacation experience for you and your loved ones.

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