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June 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

John, Charlie and Lyn Ziegenbein with Tyke and Chip

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Give Tyke and Chip Ziegenbein a ball and they will play with it, and spar over it, like children. “It’s fascinating,” says Lyn, “I hear them playing and growling and I interpret that to be much like me with my sisters, as kids.” Husband John and son Charlie have no siblings, so their take has been a little different. Says John, “The first time was kind of startling to me, they sounded really ferocious, but now I know it’s just a normal part of their play and then they climb into the same chair and take a nap side-by-side.”

Tyke, a small mixed breed Shi Tzu, came into the household to keep Chip, a Shi Tzu Poodle, company. Tyke had a rough go early on and needed extra TLC and vet care. “He didn’t bark for the first couple of months,” says John, “but once he started feeling better he became this happy little guy that just loves to hang out with us.” He fit right in to the family, which is a point that Lyn thinks is worth making. “We had Chip, but we had more room in our hearts and adding a rescue pup just seemed to be the right thing to do,” she adds, “it certainly was.”

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