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Spring Fling

Omaha Fashion Week Spring Fashion Preview

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Summer showcase of local designers and a huge supporting cast that has become Omaha Fashion Week has already stamped itself a must-see for anyone wanting to be plugged-in with Omaha culture.

For the second consecutive year
OFW’s holding a Spring Preview Runway Show. On March 19th at Nomad 14 area designers will show their distinct lines, ranging from street to formal wear. Some designers are familiar names with followings in the community and previous appearances at Fashion Week. Others are just emerging, looking to make their first splash.

Omaha young professional couple Nick and Brook Hudson are two members of the team that make OFW go.

Unlike the sprawling grand finale of the summer Fashion Week, when thousands watch the outdoor extravaganza, the Spring Preview is a smaller, more exclusive indoor event at Nomad, 1013 Jones Street.

“It has a different flavor from the show in the fall-summer,” said Hudson, owner of Nomad and one of the event’s founders. “It’s a more intimate, upscale show. “ The featured designers were selected from more than 50 entrants. Each designer brings an aesthetic with an individual point of view.

“This spring show is like a private, VIP preview of that talent,” he said, “to see what’s coming out of the winter and what the latest ideas and trends are from the design community.”

The intimate setting invites interaction between designers and viewers.

“Absolutely, it is a great opportunity for the public to talk to designers,” said Hudson. “All in all it becomes a great networking event for those most interested in style in town.”

Hudson’s no stranger to the fashion scene. He has an international track record as a masstige beauty development consultant and marketer. The entrepreneur is also co-founder, with Creighton University, of Halo Institute, a business incubator that fits the nurturing model he’s taken with Fashion Week, which he and the creative team have made a resource for the fashion design community.

The former Brook Matthews, a one-time Miss Nebraska, is a fashionista in her own right. She’s marketing director for Creighton’s College of Business and founder of La Fleur Academy, a new finishing school in Omaha. Her role with Fashion Week is to help brand the event and give it legs for the future.

“I think it’s really looking at building relationships in the community that will help sustain Omaha Fashion Week long term,” she said. “It’s working with educational institutions to provide the education our designers need to move their businesses to the next level so that their participation in Omaha Fashion Week is not only sustainable for the community but for the designers themselves.”

She and Nick would also like Fashion Week to continue cultivating the deep talent pool discovered here since the event debuted in 2008.

“It’s just amazing how the talent keeps growing and expanding and we keep learning better ways of working with the talent, helping the talent, supporting them in their business and marketing efforts,” said Nick Hudson. “A big priority this year is going to be building on that and doing what we can to nurture skills and access to materials.”

The couple said many promising designers coming into focus here reside in inner city North or South Omaha. A new segment emerging is rural Nebraska residents whose fabric-design experience comes through 4H programs.

The Spring Preview gives OFW an added footprint and artists another opportunity to work their magic on the runway. As OFW matures, said Hudson, “we’re getting more and more attention because people are starting to recognize that Omaha Fashion Week is this incubator of different types of creative talent. It’s not just fashion, it links into all these other areas -- art, music, performance, hair, makeup styling, modeling, photography. I love how it encompasses all these different forms of creativity.”

He said just as some local designers have made waves outside Omaha, more local models are landiing national contracts, adding,
“That’s very exciting.”

OFW depends on local sponsors and designates a local charitable partner each year. In fact, Omaha Fashion Week is transitioning to 501(c)3 nonprofit status. This move is in line with a desire to become more of a resource to support creativity and design through everything from education to materials. Nick Hudson confirmed that OFW will continue to have charitable partners throughout the year, including the Women’s Fund.

Spring Preview schedule:

  • 9 p.m. Fashionista Party, Hair & Makeup Art Show kicks things off March 18. Tickets are $5.
  • 6 p.m. VIP cocktail party precedes the 8 p.m. Spring Runway Show on the 19th. Tickets for the show/party are: $75 for front-row seating and $500 for cabana seating (up to 10). Complementary drinks included.
  • General admission to the show is $25. Tickets are limited.

To purchase tickets, visit www.omahafashionweek.com.

To learn more about this year’s Spring Preview designers visit SpiritofOmaha.com

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