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Suzanne Singer • Representing the Future

Omaha's 114th Annual Queen Ak-Sar-Ben



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Noting Kate Spade as one of her latest favorite fashion designers, Suzanne’s style and fashion sense truly are the perfect blend of elegant and modern. Timeless influences make their way into her every day wardrobe as a student at Notre Dame and also into the various social commitments bestowed upon this gracious 114th Queen Ak-Sar-Ben.

But of all things that ring true– and come through during an interview– Suzanne is dedicated to the mission of her role as Queen and to the responsibility of creating a legacy. Suzanne is deeply committed to the philanthropic spirit of Omaha.

And so the fashion story goes– done right, classic clothes lend an air of timelessness to their wearer without overwhelming her personality. And this personality shines through– and likely will continue to shine in the years to come, as she adds to the foundation for future Queen’s through the Queen’s Legacy Fund.

From the selection of a princess ball gown to who has influenced, and what currently influences her style, Suzanne shared some time with us while on winter break. We asked her to describe her individual style and what she is most looking forward to accomplishing this year as Queen.


Q. Describe your style.

A. Class and convenience. College life in Indiana is freezing cold. My staple is a cute big jacket and I love to have fun with lots of colorful scarves. I always aim for polished and for staying nice and warm!

I’ve had the opportunity to attend various Ak-Sar-Ben events and have found my style to be very traditional and classical. I gravitate toward and love to wear dresses. Kate Spade is a favorite– with her signature pretty prints and simple lines.


Q.Who has influenced your style?

A. My grandmother. She has impeccable style that is classic and timeless.



Magazines. I am a first glance page turner, taking in the fashion first and foremost. I go through magazines incredibly fast– to quickly take it all in. Then go back through to see what most inspires me.

Traveling. I love to travel and see fashion– New York and Los Angeles recently. Really just seeing what people are wearing inspires me.

T&E. Good old fashioned trial and error often influences my style. I like to be experimental.


Q.What is your most favorite item in your closet?

A. I have a pair of black suede booties that I wear almost every night. They are incredibly versatile– I can wear them with jeans or leggings. My staples are simple tops and jeans and my booties. They are great in the snow and I can dress them up or down.


Q. Define Ak-Sar-Ben style.

A. Classical and traditional. I think of my ball gown when I think of Ak- Sar-Ben style– when choosing my dress we looked at old pictures and took pieces from every dress we could. I really tried to tie classical and professional together. Most importantly I knew I was representing my family, who I am, and all that I hope to accomplish.


Q.What are you most looking forward to as the Queen?

A. Representing the future. I am hoping to develop a Queen’s Legacy Fund, that will focus on the Queen’s philanthropic interest and mission– a project driven by the Ak-Sar-Ben Queen each year. My goal is to start the foundation for the queen to work on a project they care and are passionate about.

I look forward to beginning the future. I’d like to take this opportunity and use it for good in both Omaha and with the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben.

Classic style is definable, and so too is Suzanne’s mission for this coming year as Queen Ak-Sar-Ben.


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