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May 2010: Vibrations

MAY 2010: Horoscopes

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May is usually pleasant with flowers and renewed hope. This May is a little different. We are preparing for a summer of extreme change when Uranus moves into Aries at the end of this month. The last time that Uranus was in Aries was 1929, when America had a complete collapse of the economy and the Great Depression ensued. It was a time of tremendous opportunity as old structures fell away. Many fortunes were made during this time of transition.



Uranus in Aries calls out the Pioneer in us all. May will be a taste of this time to come through 2019. There is danger of misjudgment due to Lilith’s close encounter with illusory Neptune. Don’t judge the book by its cover. Hope and help come from Jupiter’s last degree in the sign of Pisces this month. Close out what isn’t working, it’s just karma baby, let it go!  We will be reviewing choices made last fall to see if they are working or not. End of the month will be filled with New Hope for a greater destiny for all of Humanity… plan accordingly.


Ready, set GO……..you are the first, by right, take the initiative and build a new life starting with planning all month and action by the end. Works takes on new meaning as you strive to make a bigger impression.  Chiron moves into your Psychic/Karmic area now so make plans to heal any old wounds, therapy is good, especially shadow work.


It’s your month, Happy Birthday! Venus in your 2nd house brings lots of gifts your way and maybe some money too. At the end of the month when so much is happening pay close attention to any love interests, they can get pretty profound with Pluto zinging Venus.  Lots of communicating with Mercury on your Ascendant, a real “chatty Kathy”.


You are so lovely this month, everyone wants to be your friend. Caution against a sharp tongue and you will do well. Something in your home needs foundational work, check it out early to save costs. The Moon fires up your relationships at the beginning and then again at the end of the month, a nice getaway will bring positive results during those times.


You may feel inside out due to the opposition between Uranus and Saturn  It’s remaking you at your deepest, most feeling levels. Mars is adding strength to how you use your gifts this month, be open to finding more positive ways to strut your stuff. At the end of the month buy something beautiful to wear and go dancing, no one will be able to resist you.


Remember when you are roaring your commands to all that some people are very sensitive to that and you might want to tone it down a notch. Career is highlighted as the Sun shines its light in that area.  Venus brings happy times with loving friends.  Remember that budget, this is not the month to splurge, Saturn will make you pay for it!


If you lost momentum for that workout routine you can regain it this month.  Get your yearly check up out of the way to get a clean bill of health. Your relationships have been filled with energy, not always the best and certainly unpredictable, but that will change at months end and at least your partner will calm down some.  If you are in school, focus on the studies it will pay off later.   


People are watching you to see if all you say is what you do.  This month is about accountability for all Librans. With your fair nature and desire for loving and harmonious relationships, you will be able to help others if they are having difficulties.  Your loving spirit is broadcasting from a very high plane now ­­­and the work you do and the plans you make will bear fruit by autumn. Everything must stay in absolute integrity.


As Uranus moves into Aries at months end and opposes Saturn you should be cautious while operating machinery or driving. Make lots of plans the first part of the month, but keep them on the drawing board until the end of May, then action and move, carpe diem! 


It feels like your work situation should be so much stronger but there hasn’t been that much success. Well, that’s about to change. Mid month with a direct Mercury you could really start to see some recognition. If you need a business partner this month, Venus in your partner house will bring someone fair and honest and will improve all your committed relationships. Strong higher mind for you now-use it well.


Not too many people mess with you!  But sometimes you just wish you could have a little more fun and lightness. Not yet. But there will be occasion to enjoy and get away if you take advantage of it.  There may be some news of an unexpected nature this month and there could even be some money that is coming your way from an unexpected source.  .


Home can be a thoughtful haven now.  Find time to relax and putter around some.  If you do get to take a little trip it will be very happy and you will probably buy some great souvenirs. As Mars tours your relationship house try to see another’s opinion, you’ve been coming on a little strong lately. It’s all about change and that continues for you, let the old stuff go, you’ll like the new very much!


Found your focus yet? After some disorienting phases it seems clearer now and you are ready to move on with your life. Take a chill pill the first part of the month and do more planning, reworking and clearing out...then you can start to move in the direction that is already coming your way. Strong energy for work all month long. Present those ideas to someone that will notice and give you a promotion or raise-ask for it if they don’t!

-end- metroMAGAZINE

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