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The Spring Fashion Forecast

A Polished Outlook on “Unpredictable Omaha.”

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Spring brings the itch to declutter and edit, restyle your closet and wardrobe for warm weather, and break out the lighter clothes– in both fabrication and color. Throw in a little organization and spring trends, and we are all well on our way to inspiring spring looks.



While Omaha weather can be unpredictable, we get to dress for the best of all seasons. We can’t fully transition to Spring over night, but we can become extremely versed in the way of layering and dressing for, well, whatever the forecast brings.

Wardrobe & Weather Transitions

The best way to dress in early Spring is with layers upon layers. Layers prepare you to deal with changes in the weather throughout the day. Always leave a few cool weather options in your closet as you transition. For considerable cloudiness and a trendy statement, invest in a trench jacket–classic khaki will get you through rain or shine.


Accessory Advisory

Accessories are a really great way to subtly transition your wardrobe from season to season.  With the ever faithful staples in your closet–black trousers, your favorite pair of jeans, your trench, leggings, and so on– a new spring accessory will add an instant update to your day to day wardrobe. 

Must have accessories this spring include…
Slouchy satchels. These roomy carry alls read relaxed yet polished.

Statement necklaces. In soft feminine color palettes, the bolder the better.

Shoe index. Period.

Remember these four words when completing severe shoe shopping…

Flats, caged, cuffed, and wedge.
Be seen in a bold wedge. you’ll see linen, leather, espadrille, wood, cork, even chain and rope this season. bright colors, unexpected textures, and notice now accents up the fashion factor on this COMFY style.  Wedges and platform sandals work both day and night.

Caged and multiple strap heels will be seen, as well as ankle cuffs of all types. on flats and heels.

Invest in girly flats. gorgeous jewels, pretty bows, flowers and dressed up ballets and peep toes.


Fashion Alerts…

*The items to be seen about town in

Rompers. A shorter version of the jumpsuit. dressed up or down depending on the fabric. linen, cotton, and knit make for a more casual day, while silk and heels dress the romper up making it event worthy.

Gingham. An up and comer this spring, and the quintessential summer fabric. best warn in small doses–through accessories, avoid anything with ruffles or flounces. Or as a stand alone item–a sheath dress, or a crisp shirt with simple classic accessories. Pair gingham with items that won’t compete.

Chambray and Denim. All american and ultra casual. Chambray and denim find their way into spring fashion in many ways this season. A casual romper, denim sweetheart top dresses, skirts, and shirts.

We’ll see denim-on-denim–a few things to keep in mind when pairing denim with denim; create contrast–avoid matchy- matchy denims, add a non denim element such as a plain tank, and steer clear of denim accessories. Stick to polished, neutral extras.

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