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May 2011 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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Expect a few bumps in the road even though it is a lovely month full of flowers and warmer weather. Uranus (unexpected) is next to Lilith (shadows) and that can bring up some unusual behaviors in people. Because they are in the sign of Aries, look for brash and rash behaviors to come out of nowhere. We are feeling the deep pull of Pluto retrograde until September 16, 2011. What this will allow you to do is mull over what the lessons from Pluto are that you can regenerate from anything if you are willing to put in the work. There is a nice infusion of planets in Taurus this month that feels a little indulgent even lazy at times and we all deserve that once in a while. Take advantage of the strength that Jupiter (abundance) and Mars (power) are giving you the first half of the month. For all there is an awakening happening and that is the Neptune into Pisces for many years to come. Don’t fight that, let go of what you can and embrace the future of a kinder and more inclusive planet. It starts with each of us, no kindness is too small to affect change. Think kind thoughts for the world and all of its peoples.



Strong month for rejuvenation of body/personality, caution against impulsive/out-of-character changes as some shadow parts about who you are may unexpectedly bubble up and shock others. The New Moon at the month’s beginning should be a time of rededicating yourself to being the best you can be.


Shadows come raging up out of nowhere and mostly in your dreams. Some dream analysis could be helpful to reveal inner changes trying to manifest now. Any self-help program you start this month will move you closer to your goals. Many changes are ahead … some of which you are not aware of.


You really should be having the time of your life with friends. And now that spiritual Neptune has moved into Pisces in your house of achievements/career, watch for many idealistic turns and shifts at what you have come here to accomplish, especially in your career.


This is such a spring for your career, simply super-charged! Towards months-end relax and unwind with good friends. You need a rest from your life. The New Moon of the 2nd is ideal to focus on what you want to do next with your career and then see some manifestation of that by the month’s end.


Rock ‘em, sock ‘em with the power of your mind and beliefs! Just don’t overwhelm them so much you begin to lose a friend or two. This spring you have been a gutsy orator, but are you right or just opinionated? Let the power of your spiritual intuitions start to guide you now, and leave other people’s beliefs behind.


There are not too many people undergoing the radical changes of you, dear Virgo. It will let up a little towards the month’s end, and then you can start to digest all of the deep and profound changes you have been going through. This is a deeply felt month for you, and your committed relationship sector is about to change in the years to come. Some of your dreams will come true.


As Neptune (creativity) in Pisces (dreamy) has entered your house of health and work, you can start to feel a deep spiritual revival in that area. Take good care of your feet as Pisces rules the feet. We get a little scattered or day-dreamy and accidents happen. Still loaded with Aries energy in your partnership/enemy house, be kind and just don’t step on any toes.


The New Moon in Aries on the 4th will stimulate creative ways of improving your workplace and your health. Toward the month’s end the focus will be on keeping the peace with your relationships and indulging in a few fantasies. As Neptune (dreamy creativity) moves into your house of loving your life you are in for some rare and exotic times. You are in for a very nice journey with that.


Ok, so work has been a drag, but that will change towards the month’s end. The New Moon on the 4th wants you to re-evaluate your daily schedule and put more fun in there. Stress does not suit you, and you really need to relax more. Your home will undergo some pretty radical and idealistic changes in the years to come due to Neptune moving into that sector.


You can start to have more fun later in the month and might even consider a vacation. Neptune, so dreamy and creative, albeit illusive, will now fog or heighten your mind in the years to come. A very idealistic energy comes with that. You are one of the most grounded of signs, but in the years to come your focus will be on higher forms of thought and spirituality.


Not too sure where all of this change is leading you, eh? Well, the planets suggest that you re-do your finances and much more. Change is happening in the way you present yourself and interact with others. Your communication this month will be intense but soften towards the end. Your best shot is to let go of the past and embrace the next phase of your life.


You, of all the signs, will now undergo tremendous change as your ruling planet Neptune marches, or should I say, flows into your basic self-body/personality. This will start a chain reaction of change so thorough as to completely transform you into the spiritual leader you naturally are. The coming years will see you emerge as a radiant butterfly. There are a few pitfalls to watch for–delusion and illusion

Sue Moon has been a student of astrology since 1972 and is an experienced journeyman and practitioner in a number of life enhancement disciplines. You can find her astrology materials and dailies at www.suemoon.com and on Facebook. She is locally based at Bright Spirit Center • www.brightspiritcenter.com.

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