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May 2011 NHS Look Who's Sheltering Shelter Pets

Mogens and Cindy Bay

Mogens and Cindy Bay with Molly

Mogens and Cindy Bay with Molly

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Mogens and Cindy Bay were missing canine company. Their much loved Labrador retriever, Penny, had passed away after 14 wonderful years of companionship. “We knew we wanted another dog, but we didn’t want to start over with a puppy,” explains Cindy, “so the shelter was the obvious option.”

In October they met Molly, a four-year-old black lab with a happy temperament and polite manners who knew how to sell herself. “We love her,” says Cindy, “it took a few weeks to get our routines down on when we eat and sleep and go outside, but she’s bonded to both of us and it’s working out wonderfully.” Molly has her own space when both Mogens and Cindy are out without her, but she’d rather have family home. “She has two-and-a-half acres to enjoy as well, but she rarely stays outside without us,” says Mogens, “she’s really a family oriented dog.” 

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