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Destination: Village Pointe

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SINCE OPENING in May of 2004, Village Pointe has cemented its status as a premier lifestyle center on Omaha’s landscape. It is home to over 600,000 square feet of retail stores, numerous restaurants and food specialty shops, boasts beautiful landscaping and outdoor event areas, and includes entertainment opportunities such as comedy clubs and a movie cinemaplex. This much, people are aware.

What you may not know is that many people are not as cognizant of Village Pointe’s commitment to community. “Village Pointe is great for shopping, dining, and entertainment, but it is so much more than that,” asserts Kim Jones, Village Pointe Marketing Director. “Fostering community is very important.”

Throughout the year, Village Pointe sponsors several seasonal, community events and hosts numerous non-profit and charitable fundraisers. And after this protracted and bitter winter, people are ready to enjoy the out of doors. Village Pointe, with its warm, Prairie-style architecture and landscaped paths and sidewalk, is ready to accommodate.

Fostering Community Shopping is, of course, especially brisk at the holidays, but Jones notes that the warmer temperatures see an increased population at Village Pointe. In April, gardeners start planting the 20,000 annuals that grow in the lifestyle center’s gardens and landscaping. As the flowers bloom, so does pedestrian traffic. Easter events include visits from the Easter Bunny at Center Court along with Easter storytelling.

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