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Birthstone of the Month - Emerald

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Cherished throughout the ages as the “Queen of Gems” the emerald symbolizes rebirth, fertility and youth. Ancient lore suggested emeralds contained healing and protective qualities, including improved eyesight, the promotion of wisdom and ensured a life of love and success. Emerald is a member of the beryl family and the birthstone for May.

Color is the first thing to consider when purchasing an emerald. A sister gem to Aquamarine, emerald ranges in color from yellow-green to dark bluish-green. Emeralds with strong saturation and a pleasant hue are typically the most valuable.

Clarity is the degree
to which a gemstone is free of internal inclusions and external blemishes. Clarity characteristics are a natural part of most emeralds, which is why they are clarity graded with some leniency. It is extremely rare to see an emerald completely free from inclusions.
The inclusions in emerald are often referred to as “Jardin” meaning garden of inclusions. A gemstone that requires a bit more TLC, emerald is susceptible to breaking and chipping, so it is always safer worn around your neck or on your ears.

Most emeralds are fracture-filled
with oil from the time they are mined, to hide some of their fractures and enhance their color. This is such a common practice, that it is rare to find an emerald that hasn’t been oiled.

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