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VIBRATIONS: Hold onto your Astrology- It's Transformation Time

November Horoscopes

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Mid month we have a triple shot of Scorpio energy. What that means generally, is something needs to change. The areas of change will be profound because Scorpio does not have a light touch. The Sun (vital life force), Mercury (mind) and the New Moon (plant those seeds) are joining together briefly… we will all have extra help to transform some part of ourselves that needs to evolve. Of course, you may think it isn’t time to change and forego that… in which case you may be troubled/haunted, pick up a flu virus or just get depressed. Positive action and moving forward can eliminate all of that! Saturn moved into Libra on October 30th and will bring the spotlight on relationships– all of them– until 2012. Saturn will make a hard aspect to Pluto, so expect some rumblings from deep inside everyone’s emotions/psyches, this moves through much of 2010. But there is still plenty of energy for having fun in November while Mars remains in party boy Leo and lovely Venus in gracious Libra.


This should be a really fun month for all you Arians. Not that you won’t need to do a little soul searching once in a while, but not while you are out partying this month! Enjoy and be careful, Saturn will make you watch how you behave in all of your relationships, especially those deeply committed ones.


The month begins with a lovely Full Moon in your sign and you should indulge yourself in a massage or spa day. The month is active in your home, you may want to redecorate, or move to a larger space. Looks like your relationships will be very intense this month, counseling is always good. Pay attention at work, someone is watching.


You have a gifted mind and this month everyone will notice that! If you haven’t had a vacation in a while start planning a really unique one now. With so much happening in your work/health sector, might be a good idea to have a check up and present a plan at work, it will be insightful and a possible raise may come with it.


Energetic Mars is in your talents/money house all month, a good time to earn more and develop one of your gifts. Saturn (responsibility) is just moving into your home, look around and see if this is how and where you wish to live. A lot of emphasis on creativity and children this month, if you don’t have any children, go play like one. The New Moon on the 16th will give you a gift but you have to ask.


Strong, vital and engaging all month long with the added force of Mars. The early Full Moon in Taurus sits on your mid heaven highlighting career or a parent, should be good! Those relationships continue to be unpredictable and home may be a little intense around mid month. Your mind is deepening and becoming more beautiful with time.


As Saturn comes into your money house, it would serve you well to develop a budget. Saturn will help you if you act responsibly and you will have added mental activity this month to help with that.
The New Moon on the 16th right next to lovely Venus says you may have a “fruitful” dialogue with someone dear to you.   


The big news starts with the Full Moon on the 2nd in your house of death & rebirth. You’ve been changing a lot lately and this full moon shines a positive light into some deeper understandings for you. You are now entering a period of deep introspection that will last for years. A shot of energy with friends or some dream you would like to manifest is possible now!


You are a strong personality anyway, and this month you are dripping with charm. At times your playfulness will seem unusual and quirky. Career gets a surge of energy from Mars, but the home front continues to undergo deep change. Lilith, the Dark Moon unleashes a few shadows hiding in your closets; let them out into the Light for healing.


You are undergoing some pretty drastic personality changes as the planets demand that you pay attention to what you are projecting out into the world.
An opportunity to settle an old debt may present this month. Keep using your mind to communicate who you are, some pretty fierce opposition, just stay the course and you will do well. The early Full Moon on the 2nd can bring a needed boost to your career. Now is the time to stick to that new health regime, you need to take better care of your body.


The entire zodiac is envying Saturn’s entrance into your Career! Move in the direction that you wish it to go and it will happen! You have till 2012. Many friends highlight this month for you and early on it could be a little emotional. The changes you have made in the past years are bearing fruit now.


You have been jittery and almost as “electric” as your ruling planet Uranus. Your personality has been sparkling and then short circuited so often you wonder who you are. Relax a little and focus more on your long view... where do you want to be and who? Now is the time that your philosophies could be broadening. During the New Moon on the 16th meditate on what you want in your career and make a wish or plant a seed.


Beginning now you will see much change and some people may leave your life and others come back in. Your health is strong this month and a good use of that would be to change the diet to a healthier one for you. You have been dealing with some of your old shadows and that will continue a while longer. You have the potential to completely reinvent yourself if you wish. Make a wish...

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