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Designer Profile: Megan Myers

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Megan Myers spent her childhood sewing, knitting and embroidering at her mother’s and grandmother’s side. The lessons they taught her kept her company in new towns, fed her passion for fashion design, and eventually led to her career as a fashion designer.


For designer Megan Myers, creativity is a family affair. Of course, talent is a key factor with any accomplishment, but Myers attributes her much of her success in fashion design to family influence and support. “Every person in my family has a creative outlet-acting, drawing, knitting, sewing, writing, music,” she says, “We are so lucky to have parents that are creative...they nurtured and encouraged us to follow our passions.”

When most people want to blend in and be one of the masses, Myers, even as a child, strove to be different. “I would create my own Barbie clothes when I was little, and as I got older it changed to creating my own clothes and searching out unique items that would be part of my closet for years,” she recounts. 

Today, Myers’ fashions are also cut from a different cloth. She finds inspiration in a myriad of things- places she has visited, music, art, books- and looks at current fashions but from a different perspective. “I think about how I can transform [a design] in my own way,” Myers explains.

Knits are her particular love. She picked up her first set of knitting needles as a child. Her mother and grandmother instructed her in all kinds of needle craft. “I have many memories of ‘trying’ to help them when I was little with sewing projects,” Myers recalls. “They always seemed to find the time in their very busy days to still work on their craft, which I admire more now that I am older and know it is sometimes so hard to find the time to work on projects.”

In fact, Myers set aside her knitting while in school and did not return to it until she graduated from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She and her husband were living in Washington DC at the time. Bereft of friendships in her new city, she turned to her grandmother’s legacy, her box of yarn and set of knitting needles for companionship and a taste of home. Myers soon became hooked and sought out every knitting class in DC she could find. She has not stopped since, saying “it calms me down, and I feel connected to my family while I knit. It reminds me of them.”

Myers participated in Omaha Fashion Week 2009. This year she broadens her focus. Her collection, in collaboration with friend and fellow designer Sarah White, addresses several compatible elements of a woman’s wardrobe-clothing, jewelry, handbags, hosiery, and hair accessories.

True to her roots, she is incorporating quilting, embroidery, crochet work, draping and, of course, knitting in her clothing line. Shifting from last year’s use of darker colors, Myers’ 2010 collection tends towards pastels. Lace and ruffles add to the collection’s feminine feel.

Looking over her finished collection certainly elicits great satisfaction. But for Myers it is not the end so much as the journey that is most rewarding. “I love the initial sketch work all the way through to the knitting/sewing process. I love seeing an idea turn into the final piece,” the designer states.

A self-professed “girly girl,” the romantic feel of this fall’s collection is an extension of her own personal style. Myers is a lover of vintage clothing and typically wears skirts and dresses. She is drawn to the work of Yves Saint Laurent, circa 1960s and 1970s. Her favorite current designers are Rodarte-“the clothing they make is so theatrical, and their knits are incredible.”

Fashion experts espouse buying carefully, thoughtfully, of purchasing less but making sure those pieces are of high quality and versatile. Myers heeds this advice herself. She purchased a vintage belt from the 70s in DC eight years ago. It has become a wardrobe staple and one that garners many compliments.

Then again, she admits to be addicted to accessories. “I probably have more scarves, belts, and bags than clothes,” she laughs.

You can be sure she knitted a few of these pieces herself.


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