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November 2010 Horoscopes

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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There could be some pretty high expectations about your life and where you are going at the start of this month but it will be overshadowed by so much happening in all of our lives. This is a busy month. The New Moon on the 5th in secretive Scorpio calls you to investigate your life and dig a little deeper for re-organization. The 6th night of the Mayan Calendar comes to an end on the 8th, while the 7th day begins on the same date, lasting until October 28, 2011. This time calls you to sacrifice the past feelings/beliefs of being separate and step into Universal Unity.

November is calling for dramatic change for the world and each individual. Saturn (stern teacher) in the committed relationship sector is all about being fair and having integrity. The Taurus Full Moon on November 21st is a call to recognize that we need to honor ourselves and step up more fully into our own power.



The New Moon in your house of death/rebirth heralds a time of change and transformation for you that will reach its potential at the Full Moon on the 21. A good time to dream about something you would rather be doing. Change and fulfillment can be yours this month.


You will have an opportunity to re-design a committed relationship this month. Work is calling you to put forth a stronger effort if you want the rewards. The end of the month will have you enjoying all the best of what it means to be a Taurus. Indulge in a massage.


If your work or health have needed a little tweaking the New Moon on the 5 is a good time to start working on that. Be cautious with partners as Mars (aggression) is full steam in that area and you may not realize your shouting. At the end of the month go off alone for a little and meditate on the mysteries of life.


Have you been having enough fun? The first of the month is a good time to rectify that by planning a few good times with friends. At the end of the month those friends will make your life a lot happier. Health is strong now, with Mars surging through your health sector. Start a new exercise program and it will be easier now.


Revitalize your home and invite a few friends over. This is a good month for entertaining or taking a vacation. You might even buy a lottery ticket as Mars is in your gambling house and likes to win. The end of the month the spotlight is on your career, go for it.


Saturn (pay attention) continues to encourage you to find better gifts to share with the world. We need your attention to detail, but not your complaining. The first of the month you may have a few good ideas, just make sure you implement them by the end of the month!


It’s a good time for all Libras thank you Saturn. The New Moon on the 5th calls you to develop more of your talents, you have so many! Mars is super charging your mind this month and you need it to figure out who you are going to be in the years to come. The Full Moon activates a pending change, be prepared.


Reinventing yourself and needing to reinvent your relationships will be a highlight this month. It’s a good month for making money, thank you Mars! Venus makes you quite appealing to others and you may want to buy some new clothing to accent that.


Your personality is quite strong this month, just don’t step on any toes. Pluto (power/change) and the North Node (purpose) call you to develop all of your talents in a stronger way. Work scene could be quite enjoyable at months end with lots of laughter or you may run into a boss that won’t budge.


All Capricorns are intense with Pluto (intensity) continuing to sit in the house of your body/personality. Your friends are a delightful help though and at the New Moon you may find a few more in your corner. The Full Moon on the 21st calls for a little more play and socializing.


This is a good time to focus on higher education, it will take you far. People are really noticing you now as a stellium of planets sit in your career/achievement sector. If you have been wanting more recognition, the New Moon on the 5th is a great time to plant those seeds and just see what happens by months end.


Whether Higher dimensions beckon you to expand beyond your world. At the same time this world sees you as a person of power and a natural leader. By months end you will be enjoying the attention of everyone! Your dream world continues to be off the charts!

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