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November 2010 YP Connections: Non-Profit Profile

Mid-America Council’s Learning for Life

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The Mid-America Council’s Learning for Life program is an affiliate organization of the Boys Scouts of America. Learning for Life features a teen career education program called “Exploring”. 

Exploring is open to all young men and women ages 14-20. Local organizations charter specific Explorer “posts” by matching their people and program resources to the career interests of teens in the community, creating a group that is part job shadowing and part fun, with hands-on activities that appeal to teens. Metro Area Youth Served: In 2009, over 2,400 Omaha metro area youth participated in the career education Exploring program. Teens from every school district have participated, and Omaha currently has more than 60 (AP error) Explorer posts featuring various careers. Some of the most popular Exploring posts include HDR, Inc., Alegent Health, and the Douglas County Sheriff’s office. Volunteer Opportunities: Learning for Life is a volunteer-run organization. 

We are in need of several Exploring board members. Positions needed include event planning, public relations, fundraising, and working with youth. 

Contact Rebecca Williford at rebecca.williford@lflmail.org if you are interested in volunteering. To learn more about The Exploring program, visit http://omahaexploring.org/ or contact Rebecca Williford, Exploring Executive, at (402) 431-9272 or rebecca.williford@lflmail.org.

We are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MACexploring.

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