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November 2010 YP Connections: Organization Profile

UNO Young Alumni Academy

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UNO Young Alumni Academy

contact: Elizabeth Kraemer, ekraemer@unoalumni.org

Mission Statement:
To create opportunities for young alumni to reconnect with UNO through the Alumni Association, and to develop supportive alumni for life by encouraging young alumni involvement in programs and the UNO Annual Fund.

How to get involved:
The UNO Young Alumni Academy is designed to facilitate networking and professional growth while delivering participants an insider’s view into what it takes to run one of the nation’s premier metropolitan universities. While there is no age requirement, programming is geared toward alumni under 40. UNO Young Alumni social activities will follow the November and February sessions. While the Academy is exclusive to participants, these socials are open to all UNO Young Alumni. A new class will start each fall and new applications are accepted in September.

Qualifications for membership, who is the ideal member:
Proud alumni who enjoys networking with other UNO graduates, has a desire to learn more about UNO and will make a commitment to complete all six months (November – April) of the Academy program.

Website: http://unoalumni.org/unoyoungalumn.

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