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November 2010 YP Connections: Q&A

What are you thankful for & why?

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Each month metroMAGAZINE, in cooperation with The Greater Omaha Young Professionals, polls a group of "YPs" to obtain a brief glimpse into their lives and their insights on our community. Following are the answers which were provided to this months' Q&A.

What are you thankful for & why?


Pendery Haines

Fluff Your Stuff Interior Redesign • Vice President of Business Development

I am incredibly thankful for my business partners and our employees. This small group of women helped me achieve so much both personally and professionally. We have a great time working together, and we do everything we can to help and support each other. Everyone has something to contribute - creativity, charisma, organization, dedication, or passion. I’ve learned so much from the strengths and talents of these amazing people.

It is difficult to run, not to mention grow, a small business, but we always manage to overcome our challenges. We don’t always see eye to eye; as a result, we have learned to put aside our differences for the good of our company. Even though we may wish for more money in the bank or more time in a day, our struggles have brought us closer us a team. I know I don’t say this nearly enough, so thank you to my Fluff Your Stuff family.




Marnie Amdor

Embassy Suites Omaha Downtown  • Sales Manager

This Thanksgiving I give thanks to God for blessing me with my wonderful husband that I was lucky to marry this year, for my loving family that always encouraged and supported me, for my amazing friends that money can’t buy, for my co-workers who make it enjoyable to come to work every day, for my two puppies that brighten up my morning and make me smile before I go to bed.

I am also thankful for my health and the health of my loved ones. I am thankful for my education and the opportunities it has provided me. I am blessed to have a great job that allows me to support my family and enriches my life each and every day. I am most thankful to be an American and for our troops fighting for our country.




Angie Schendt

Woodmen of the World  • Senior Copywriter

I’m thankful for my ability to be self-sufficient, and thankful I have amazing friends to lean on. I’m thankful for those who came before me and I’m thankful for my one-year-old niece (and nephew on the way.) I’m thankful for my health, and thankful I have the ability to improve it. I’m thankful I can travel, and thankful I can call Omaha home. I’m thankful for my dog who keeps me company, and my company that keeps me employed. I’m thankful I get paid to do what I love, and I’m thankful for the wild dreams of my future.

I’m thankful for my wandering imagination and I’m thankful for my reality checks. I’m thankful for random inspiration and I’m thankful for thoughtful consideration. I’m thankful for the kindness of others and I’m thankful for blessings from above. I’m thankful I have the self-awareness to know how lucky I am.




Catherine Warner

ConAgra Foods • Associate Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

I cherish the moments when my family and friends share what we’re thankful for with one another. I’m very thankful for the support of my family, especially my mom. She has always been a major role model in my life and without her constant encouragement I would not have the strong foundation, work ethic, and opportunities I have today. I am very thankful for my fiancé, who has always believed in me. I feel blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with someone with such a big heart and a family that has treated me like one of their own from the moment I met them.

In addition, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend and graduate from Creighton University. I have a remarkable academic background thanks to the professors, advisors, and staff who nurtured my inquisitive spirit and passion for learning, as well as the friends who have been my family away from home over the past four years. Lastly, I am thankful for my new job at ConAgra Foods. I am honored to be a member of a community where the company values match my own and where I am treated as a true asset… many new chapters in my life. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season cherishing the time shared with the ones you love.




Tiffany Stork

First Community Bank • Loan Officer

This year I am simply thankful to live in the great city of Omaha and be surrounded by so many amazing people. Last December, I moved here from a small town in Iowa and am now enjoying all the activities and events Omaha has to offer. Everyone in the community has been very welcoming and helpful. I am also thankful to have a great job that challenges me every day and to have a loving family and wonderful friends who are very supportive. I am truly blessed!



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