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What was eye catching at Omaha Fashion Week’s grand finale- and how does it translate to Omaha’s mainstream calendar? The snapping of cameras and flashing lights, tweets heard (well, seen) round Omaha, and a cool breeze crossing the runway all set the stage for the much anticipated and ever growing Omaha Fashion Week Runway Finale Show. From classics with sophisticated flair, long flowing dresses, and feminine with a bit of an edge--three designers caught our attention.


Eliana Smith

Eliana Smith’s debut of her first full line really caught attention. With a tailored aesthetic, Eliana works her magic with many different textiles. Classic silhouettes, intricate details, and juxtaposition of colors make her fall line really stand out. Plums paired with muted lime green, and brocade fabric in black, white, and cream, all blend with feminine details into a sophisticated line. I could see myself wearing nearly every piece as they came out—one right after the other. her line transitions from a polished office look, to out on the town for business, to local fundraising events. Eliana brings sophisticated flair to classic, timeless pieces.

Buf Reynolds

Buf Reynolds' long flowing dresses turned heads. we took her jewel toned designs in as they passed us by—each unique with intricate detailing, flowing floor length hems, and unique silhouettes. buf’s designs are currently featured at bellwether boutique and retro in the old market. For a unique aksarben dress—buf’s line offers a fashion forward floor length option—right from the runway.

Daniel Munoz

Feminine with an edge—last, but certainly not least, Daniel unoz caught our attention with his stunning parisian inspired line. bold black, red, and white stripes were met with asymmetrical lines and solid unexpected contrasts. the sharp red added a certain flair to the show—a deep rich fall red, just what we needed to end the night. daniel’s designs take a classic element--a silhouette, fabrication, or trend item--and add just enough edge to make it feminine and chic all at the same time. He’s got the eye for just the right touch. I’d look to Daniel’s designs for social events and parties—where you’d like to make a trend forward statement.

Thousands of strutting heels, thousands of facebook posts, and thousands of on lookers watched as models showcased our local design talent. Each year is a new year—better—more fashion forward. Omaha Fashion Week is creative excellence and we’ve seen nothing yet—I’m on the edge of my seat for next year’s show.

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