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Comfort Food With Class


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UNDER THE TUTELAGE OF executive chef/owner Jeff Snow, banquet chef Miranda Heth and her female colleagues at Catering Creations are accustomed to walking a perilous tightrope. After all, they are in the most precarious of wedding day positions, that of having the power to upstage the bride.


A September wedding at the Durham Museum found business brisk at the station where Catering Creations’ signature Salad Martini was served in it’s port wine vinaigrette goodness. And action at the roast beef table was a nonstop syncopation of carve-serve-carve.

But it was at Heth’s macaroni and cheese station that the excitement was like that at a midnight premiere of a Harry Potter flick.

“Working this station is a lot of fun,” explained Catering Creations senior event coordinator Jackie Brown. “Miranda gets to talk to everyone two, three times because they always come back for more.”

Those among the uninitiated may here be reading with raised eyebrow at the mention of such comfort food as mac and cheese in a story about an award-winning caterer and their bravura performance before 200 guests at a wedding whose motif echoed the simple-but-sleek elegance of the Durham’s stunning art deco décor.

And that would be a shame because it would mean that you’ve never savored the creamy richness of the dish served at an “action station” where eager diners select from such toppings as smoked bacon, scallions, sautéed mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, a selection of additional cheeses and a decidedly decadent truffle oil.

“Isn’t it just to die for?” Kara Jermain (nee Schiermeyer) purred as her eyelids fluttered half-closed in foodie ecstasy.

The resplendent bride, an attorney, admits to changing her menu “a million times” in the run-up to her nuptials to the luckiest man on the planet, Gallup consultant Adam Jermain. One constant remained throughout all of that entrée editing. Catering Creations’ famous mac and cheese, Kara explained, had always held its A-list status as the star of this show. Make that the only star not wearing something borrowed and something blue.

“Don’t tell anyone this,” Jermain said in elbowing Brown, “but we kind of cheated throughout the whole process.”

Her subterfuge was that she and Adam returned multiple times to Catering Creations’ tasting parties even after their catering choice had been made.

“I noticed that they just happened to show up whenever we featured our mac and cheese,” Brown said in returning a friendly nudge.

And as for those countless menu changes?

“That’s exactly what we’re here for,” Brown added. “In fact we encourage it. Our clients are more than just clients. They become our partners and our newest friends. We want them to feel 115 percent comfortable with what’s going to happen on their wedding day.”

Jermain may now need to rethink her strategy when it comes to getting her fix of mac and cheese. After all, isn’t the presence of both a wedding band and a wedding ring going to be a sure-fire giveaway that cheating is afoot the next time she tries to infiltrate one of those Catering Creations tasting parties?

“I’ll take the fifth on that,” the attorney demurred.

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