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Dynamic Duo

Bob & Andee Hoig: Faces on the Barroom Floor

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Bob & Andee Hoig












Evening of Firsts

Publishers Bob Hoig and Andrea Hoig became “Faces On the Barroom Floor” on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Engaged to roast the duo were humorist Mary Maxwell, who served as emcee, financier and author George Morgan, Stuart Chittenden and Mike DiGiacomo and Mary Nelson from KMTV's “Morning Blend” show.

Bob Hoig

Bob Hoig is publisher of the weekly Midlands Business Journal, which he founded in 1975. In 1996, he launched the twice-monthly Lincoln Business Journal. The veteran journalist, who will mark his 80th birthday on Sept. 11, began his journalism career in 1957 when he accidentally wandered into the New York Daily News lobby and scored a job as a copy boy.

Over the next 20 years, he held reporting jobs at the New York Daily News, Miami News, Lincoln Journal-Star and Omaha World-Herald. He became editor of the Douglas County Gazette and was managing editor of the Omaha Sun. After being assigned to Omaha by United Press International (UPI), he chose to stay in Omaha rather than return to New York.

This year Bob was inducted into the Omaha Business Hall of Fame and honored as “Omahan of the Year” by the Suburban Rotary Club.

Andee Hoig

Andrea “Andee” Hoig was the editor of what she would eventually upgrade into metroMagazine when she purchased the existing publication (at the time known as Metro Monthly) from her father in 1996 with the dream of transforming it into a vital component of the Omaha philanthropic community.

As publisher, she has also introduced “The Event Book,” a resource guide to charity events and nonprofit giving guide. She created AHL Publications Inc., expanding products and publications offered, and created the “Big Event,” an annual Academy Award-style evening recognizing efforts of those involved in successful events. She started the weekly interview radio show “metroCONNECTIONS: Spirit of Omaha.”

Andee Hoig launched a Weekly Insider e-newsletter for charity events, and is a weekly guest for metroMagazine’s Weekly Insider segment on KMTV’s “The Morning Blend” and appears weekly on 101.9 with Dave Wingert. In recent years Ms. Hoig has also launched a full featured website: SpiritofOmaha.com, which supports her company’s mission of promoting nonprofits and philanthropy. In 2011 Andrea launched a unique local guide, “101 Things to Love about the Greater Omaha Metro” and keeping in line with her passion for animals, “Pet & Animal Enthusiast Magazine.”

Vintage Maxwell:

“This a landmark event for the press club – a father and daughter for the first time. Well, you know what they say, ‘A son is a son ‘til he takes him a wife.
A daughter’s a daughter for all of her life.’  Which probably explains the t-shirt that bob often wears that says, ‘You don’t scare me, I have a daughter.’”

“As you have read, Bob Hoig broke into journalism by accidently stumbling into the lobby of the New York Daily News building and getting a job as a copy boy. Seriously?  He hadn’t noticed the 10 ft letters on the facade that said, The news, Or the marqee over the entrance that said,  ‘The News Building.’”

“Bob Hoig returned to the sport of tennis when he was 60, took up flying at 70 and is a very dapper dresser.  You will notice that he is wearing his dressiest tennis shoes tonight. Andee has rappelled down the woodmen tower, died her hair an unfortunate red and entered a race wearing high heels all in the name of support for local charities and charitable projects. The apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.”

“Bob is pretty conservative. Andee is not. She doesn’t even read his editorials. Well, neither does Warren Buffett. Some people argue that Bob is so conservative he doesn’t even make left turns when he’s driving. Bob’s reply is, That’s not true, We have a registered democrat right in our own family. Of course, we don’t let him vote, or drive.”

Jim Horan's Notes:

“Here they are – publishers Bob and Andrea Hoig. Father-daughter dynamic duo.

Andee is dressed for a black-tie affair, wearing a lot of bling; and holding her trusty Olympus camera. In the background is a crowd of elite party people, ready to appear on the pages of metromagazine. The beautiful couple on the cover includes a guy who looks a lot like James Bond.
No reason. I’ve just always wanted to draw James Bond. The Sean Connery version.

I asked Andee about what she’d like to see and she kept sending me photos of her cats. Notice that the orange cat looks a lot like Garfield from the comic strip. He could be making a star appearance for [one of] Andee’s favorite [charities], the Nebraska Humane Society.

Bob is making an air mail delivery of the Midlands and Lincoln Business Journals from his beautiful Cessna 182 Skylane. Headlines on the newspapers Bob is delivering from above  are “Business is Good” and “Warren Buffett, Man or Myth.”

Caricatures of some of the famous people Bob has interviewed flutter below the plane. Presidents Ford, Reagan, Nixon and LBJ and also Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest. I wrote only Hillary on the drawing. I hope no one thinks this is an incredibly bad drawing of Hillary Clinton.

One of Andee’s cats is peeking over a newsstand featuring some of the newspapers where Bob has worked. That’s the publishing Hoigs, the Press Club’s newest Faces on the Barroom Floor.”

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