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Fashion Profile: Carol Wang

Photo by Dave Stock

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From bold colors, simple lines, and old movies to favorite Omaha shopping locations and what she is most looking forward to attending this fall in the community. Carol Wang takes a few moments to answer questions about how her career as Action 3 News Anchor and Reporter has shaped her style.




Q. How would you describe your personal sense of style?

A. Tailored classic. I really like simple lines–classic timeless fashions. I just appreciate the things that withstand the test of time and that look great at this moment and in five to ten years from now. Because I am a girly girl personally, I do love feminine touches. I like a little bit of flirtiness. I love bows and a touch of lace–something that gives a feminine twist.

Q. How has your career as anchor and reporter for Action 3 News influenced your style?

A. I think it has pushed and stretched my experimentation with color. I sit on the set every day. Like most women basic black is so comforting and it’s the uniform that you quickly grab. Because of the set and because of me, I’ve really tried to wear a lot more colors -colors I never would have picked up four to five years ago, like tangerine orange and yellows. Things I may have been afraid of. I’ve gotten much bolder in my choices. I am very very picky about textures and about quality. I don’t wear a lot of linen. Pieces wrinkle so easy and look messy when you report and are out in the field. I gravitate toward pieces that look great when you are outside in the elements and inside either seated or standing.

Q. Who influences your style? Who are you inspired by?

A. I would say that my friends influence my style–in the sense I am blessed and have a wonderful network of amazing women who each have their own sense of style and have their own creative purpose and personality. I see what they do and what they put together and I absorb it. I often ask them “Do you like this? Is this working?”

There is something wonderful about actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Katharine Hepburn–I am a huge fan of old movies. And, I love the fashions, and I love how beautifully done and put together they were. They always looked so chic. I have a weakness for fashion magazines. I like to clip and go through the pages to see what people are designing and how they are putting it together. I wouldn’t always wear something off the runway like that, but I like to see it–it sparks creativity and makes you think about what’s in your closet. I also love to people watch. I admire so many women in town when I see them. They look so comfortable and put together–effortlessly chic.

Q. Where do you shop in Omaha?

A. I think everyone at Ann Taylor knows me by name–because I do have a lot of pieces that I buy for work there. They just have a really great selection of classics and investment pieces. I love different little boutiques for jewelry and I’ll pick up little pieces here and there.
But, I am also a big fan of Old Navy and believe you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

You’ll find me down the aisles of Marshalls and TJ Maxx–looking to see if there is some great find there–especially dresses. One of my biggest weaknesses is shoes and purses–DSW is a big friend of mine.There are a lot of places to find great deals and pieces here in Omaha.

Q. What was the last item you added to your wardrobe?

A. I just bought two suits–one yellow and one that is a pinky red–I found them on a sample sale website.

Q. What is your most favorite item in your closet right now?

A. My most favorite item in my closet is a silk peasant tunic I got at Banana Republic at the beginning of summer. I wear it with pants or shorts and a tank top. It’s a really carefree look. I think because I wear a suit every day I am in love with the idea of casual clothes.

Q. What community events do you look forward to attending during this Fall?

A. I am really excited about the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure–there are so many people touched by breast cancer. I love the awesome site of being downtown and seeing the sea of pink. It is so inspiring–I always get goose bumps when I see it. I am also very excited for the Nebraska AIDS Project gala–I love to see everyone dressed up.

I don’t think there are enough events where folks get to wear ball gowns and cocktail dresses. I always think that is lovely. And I am looking forward to the Junior League of Omaha’s tailgate fundraiser, the “Big Red Block Party”. I hope to see a lot of people in attendance.


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