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September 2010: Vibrations

Touch it. Experience it. Own it.

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September continues the stretching of both Uranus (change) and Jupiter (expand) in opposition to Saturn (foundations), as if we needed to stretch anymore–hold those horses please! A Virgo New Moon on the 8th can
have us looking for a new health regime. This is a good month to clear up old business, thank you Mercury Retrograde, as that is what it is good for: cleaning, clearing the clutter, re-thinking those plans and resting a little
in between.


Mercury goes direct on the 12th, but wait a few days before you sign any contracts or buy any electronic equipment. We’ve had the heavy Pluto (transformation) retrograde, which has gotten us all intensified and wondering why change is seeming so hard, now going Direct mid-month.  This will unleash some deeply guarded secrets from your own interior and the world as well. On the 23rd, the lovely Full Moon in Aries (strength) will be conjunct with Jupiter and Uranus, promising some very dramatic scenes–maybe good, maybe not so good, but it will be dramatic. Venus and Mars continue to dance together through the heavens in lovely Libra helping to bring harmony and beauty, or at least the desire for it, into our lives. 


Do be careful with your words and the strength of your personality, and don’t leave any road
kill please. The Full Moon on the 23rd is shining a bright light on you and people are noticing. However, Saturn (stern teacher) is also looking across at you with his finger pointed: Play by the rules! Much attention on work this month, cross your t’s and dot your i’s!


Hopefully you got a little playtime during the Mercury retrograde, 8/20 till 9/12. There is still time to take a day and just putter around your home, you need it. Work and health have the blessings of Venus and Mars, so that should be going pretty well. Although the Full Moon on the 23rd promises some form of drama in that area as something hidden or karmic may come to light.


You still have time to clean a few closets as Mercury retrograde lights up your home area. If you have children you may have had to be a little stricter lately, but Venus and Mars will smooth over any conflict. A mini explosion towards the end of the month may have you wondering why some friends are great and others fall a little short.


Home and career/Career and home, that’s the dilemma you’ve been dealing with for a while.
With the Mercury retrograde spinning its tires in that area, you’ve been thinking a lot about what to do and what direction to take. If you are married, this is a month of repairing foundations to make your relationship work better for both of you. If it’s real, it’s going to last a long, long time–thank you Pluto in your house of relationships.


Oh sweet lion, have you found a new way to braid your mane? This month is quite good for showing your talents or finding new ones, and people are noticing–don’t they always? Perfect time to take a little trip as Venus and Mars will support that.  Make it fun and maybe find a new lioness for your lair. Can’t caution enough about taking care of your health as Pluto transits your health sector–
and that is never to be taken lightly.


This should be a really good month especially towards the end, and you are due. Now that stern Saturn has left Virgo you get a reprieve. Money you earn should be picking up and maybe even some benefactor adding to that. The New Moon will have you thinking about how to be better and the Full Moon shines a light on some relationship that is about to change.   


Love is in the air for you, what do you really want to do with that? People will be very attracted to you all month thanks to Venus and Mars. Your big challenges are your relationship to your body, to others and to your psychological make up. Internal and external “home” issues await your focus.
The Mercury retrograde calls you to do some deep depth dwelling in seeing who you really are now that the past is over.


If you wouldn’t always take things so darned seriously, but there you go, you are a Scorpio after all. At least this month the highlight is on friends at the beginning and at the end of relationships - committed ones. Look for a strong personality to enter your life. There is a seductive energy beckoning you this month.


Career has been up and down due to Mercury retrograde in that sector of your chart, but the New Moon on the 8th could bring you great benefit by the end of the month if you only “wish upon that star”. Friends have your back now and some friends may want to be more than that.


The New Moon on the 8th is a time to take for contemplation and meditation. Very super fine energies, to travel in the mental spheres. Mercury retrograde in that area, give you ample opportunity for some lofty thoughts and conversation. You are The Sage and it shows now.


Reform and Re-make are your by-words this month. There are so many outworn parts of your life that you just now need to let go of, as so many bright and sparkly jewels beckon you. You are likely to meet someone who shares the same lofty goals for humanity that you do, who may turn out to be your best friend.


It can be tough when Saturn (accountability) tours through the 8th House (death and rebirth), but of all the signs you get it the most. It’s about you being able to let go and let in the new. And with your ruling planet Neptune in the 12th (very psychic/karmic house), if you aren’t meditating, you are probably not dealing with this very well. You are a spiritual being having a human experience- DON’T FORGET THAT.

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