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YP in the News: Omaha on list of best cities for young professionals

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IT'S OFFICIAL. Omaha is the place to be - especially for the newest professionals fresh out of college. Omaha ranked number five on Forbes’ list of “America’s Best Cities for Young Professionals.” And how did our city make it into such elite company? Forbes looked at the 100 largest cities and assessed them based on seven such factors as unemployment rates, growth projections, cost-of-living, and others. Combine these elements and Omaha has more to boast than being the perfect collision of big city fun and small town charm.

Other Midwestern cities topped the list with the help of low unemployment rates, large college-educated demographics and low cost of living. Des Moines took the number one spot, and Madison, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, found themselves in the top ten. All of these cities, including our own, offer eager college grads more and better job opportunities than many other large cities.

In another coup for the city, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance gave Omaha top honors in naming it to the No. 1 position of its list of “Best Value Cities.” Our growing business opportunities, easy-to-access arts and entertainment, and affordable living, the list cited, make us a value-friendly city where reasonably high-salaries go a long way.


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