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NEW Graduates Discount Program Now Available!

A Resume in a Day, a division of Cornell Marketing Communications, Inc., announced today that they have developed the New Graduates Resume Discount Program to help new graduates begin their career search professionally and economically.



According to VP Bill Cornell, We at A Resume in a Day understand the considerable effort these young people have put forth, and realize that they've just spent years in pursuit of their education. We understand that most want the best resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and follow-up letter available, but cant afford the outlandish fees some resume writing firms require. And, unfortunately, the ones that are the least expensive usually leave much to be desired or have hidden fees attached. 

Cornell added, As a new graduate enters the job market they need to Make the Best 1st Impression Possible. The career theyre about to startthe one theyve worked so hard to learn about so they can succeed only has room for a few of the top candidates.  Thats why the new graduates need all of the professional help they can get. Unfortunately, a lot of other firms dont optimize the resume so they match their chosen fields keywords or consider keyword density when writing a resume. So, when the hiring company that uses the computerized candidate matching software gets the new grads resume it gets overlooked and gets thrown out because it doesnt fit the criteria. And, thats just wrong. This results in hundreds of great candidates being overlooked in fields they are well prepared for just because the resume writer doesnt know or care about the importance of keywords when writing a resume. 

A Resume in a Day was developed to answer the need of not only new graduates, but the unemployed, under employed, and laid-off employees that are having a hard time just making ends meet and cant afford the outlandish prices some placement firms charge for the basics every job hunter needs to be successful. 

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