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Omaha Fashion Week 2010 Grand Finale Runway Show benefiting the Women's Fund of Omaha

On September 18th, hundreds of models and thousands of attendees gathered under the 10th Street Bridge Saturday as 19 designers showcased their latest designs at the Omaha Fashion Week Runway Finale.



The 276-foot runway at the Runway Finale featured collections by Megan Myers and Sarah White, Buf Reynolds, Jennie Mason, Wendy Stiff, Sabrina Jones, William Torres, Jennifer Pool, Dan Richters, Yolanda Diaz, Michaela Cawley, Ellene McClay, Emma Erickson, Megan Hunt, Jane Round, Zara Gonzalez, Daniel Muñoz, Audi Kuiken, Kevin Steward, Claire Landolt, and Eliana Smith. Food was catered at the VIP Party at Nomad Louge by Zurlo’s Bistro Italiano. Food vendors at the event included Dante Pizzeria, Pink Shugar and Soup Revolution.

Leading up to the finale, a week long series of runway shows were hosted inside Nomad Lounge. On the inside, Omaha Fashion Week is a talent incubator that seamlessly connects designers, stylists, photographers, artists and models through nurturing platforms and engaging opportunities. On the outside, Omaha Fashion Week is the highlight of Omaha’s social calendar; spotlighting fashion innovations and celebrating creative excellence.

For more information about Omaha Fashion Week, visit www.OmahaFashionWeek.com.






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