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The COVID-19 pandemic has continued through the summer of 2020. Challenged by diminished volunteer hours and reduced fundraising revenue due to postponed or canceled events and a troubled economy, area nonprofits are nevertheless finding ways to help some of our most vulnerable neighbors meet basic needs, extend a hand in a crisis, develop our youth for a lifetime of success, foster a better future for individuals and families experiencing or challenges, and enhance the community.

Crisis Response Toolkit Findings
To support the nonprofit community, Category One Consulting created a Crisis Response Toolkit. Check out its Nebraska-specific report and find out more about how to create a nonprofit crisis response plan here.
Data Dive 
USAFacts is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan civic initiative providing comprehensive and understandable data and data visualizations on many issues affecting Americans. Visit the organization's coronavirus data page here
Helping Our Nonprofits: American Red Cross
The heart of the mission of the American Red Cross is responding to emergencies, and the organization continues to serve the community during the pandemic through its standard services and a new Virtual Family Assistance Center. Find out how you can provide support here.