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The COVID-19 pandemic has continued through the summer of 2020. Challenged by diminished volunteer hours and reduced fundraising revenue due to postponed or canceled events and a troubled economy, area nonprofits are nevertheless finding ways to help some of our most vulnerable neighbors meet basic needs, extend a hand in a crisis, develop our youth for a lifetime of success, foster a better future for individuals and families experiencing or challenges, and enhance the community.

How Vaccines Work
For a clear, visual explanation of how different kinds of vaccines work, click here to see simple renderings by Nature, a weekly international journal publishing peer-reviewed science and technology research. 
Helping Our Nonprofits: ABIDE
ABIDE works to revitalize Omaha's inner city, one neighborhood at a time, by focusing on safer neighborhoods, stronger families, and emerging leaders. The organization supports North Omaha through its learning center, sports programs, food distribution and other services. Find out more about the organization here.
Helping Our Nonprofits: Immigrant Legal Center
Immigrant Legal Center (ILC) is Nebraska's largest nonprofit immigration legal services organization, providing life-changing and life-saving immigration legal services for low-income immigrants who otherwise would be unable to access legal counsel. ILC advocates for every immigrant to have access to quality legal representation in the immigration justice system and is a safe and caring place for immigrants and their families to ask for help. Learn more here.